Haiku: Divinity

1-1-fl 004


propitious petals
warm smile of mother nature
divine creation 

divine creation
holding beauty in layers
sweet-scented within

Shared with Carpe Diem Haiku Kai where Chèvrefeuille has wonderfully conceived the ideas of  Haiku and Monophysitism together as “haiku is nature, so haiku is divine”.


75 responses to “Haiku: Divinity

  1. A layered haiku! The haiku was created and preferred by the samurai for its simplicity, brevity and mysticism. It’s very beautiful!


  2. Rose such a wonderful creation of nature, it is beauty personified and the smell permeates the surrounding. The red color with the green backdrop, makes the flower with its well crafted layers a joy to watch and feel the emanating beauty not just see or smell it.

    It is divinity indeed, where else can we experience such magic of mother nature at its best…beauty has so many facets, indeed the layers of beauty is a depiction of how we define and look at the beauty of nature on display… many times we just don’t know how to interpret it.

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