Today Was a Good Day #meshphotochallenge

Sometimes we need a break to get away from everything
We need to forget all worries enjoying the blue and the green
Sea and sand, sweat and salt water, up above the azure sky
The bird inside me, comes out of the concrete cage, wants to fly.
So we were, on the beach of Puri, as the day was about to smile
The sun preening itself, before its journey of a thousand mile
Curtain of clouds, diaphanous texture, reddish hue, golden glow
The sun was smiling, ready to go with the flow.
Grains of sand, with stories in them precariously written
The smell of the waves, the rhythmic dance, Oh! I was smitten
They whispered to reveal, nature’s simple treasure
Life became beautiful, without a measure.
Droplets of water, printed on the beach
The  method in her madness, tempting witch
The waves spoke to me,  happy and gay
“Yes”, I whispered, Today was a good day.

Note: I’ve created a Mesh gallery for the first time following WordPress tutorial. There are 11 photos in the gallery. You can see them just by clicking on the arrow on the right-hand side of the first picture, i.e. the sunrise. Let me know how you liked the clicks and the words. #meshphotochallenge

30 responses to “Today Was a Good Day #meshphotochallenge

  1. This one is so refreshing… liked it a lot… loved these lines…
    ” They whispered to reveal, nature’s simple treasure
    Life became beautiful, without a measure. ”

    beautiful piece of writing… a masterpiece… 🙂

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  3. I’m having a good day just looking at all these beach photos. No beaches where I live. Artsy-wise, the sunsets are really cool. Nice job and thanks for dropping by,

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  4. Grains of sand with stories in them. Such a vivid description takes away the reader right away to the beach to see and get the feel of the dancing waves.
    The pictures in the Mesh gallery are nice – I am tempted to try it out, but some images are not showing. Also it might be good to keep a tab of any change in the time taken for the site to load.

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