Death And Beyond

one story ends and
another picks up the page
death in between

the life of a soul
enters the portal of death
infinite and immortal

throbbing melody
final cadence of the prelude
music of death continues

turning the head
life smiles and goes on
in another world

in ardent love with life
death embraces her and falls
in a passionate sleep

This is based on theΒ  Audio prompt shared by Ravish Mani.
Image Credit:Β here

66 responses to “Death And Beyond

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  2. What a Wonderful Explanation of Life & Death in just a few Words.
    It explains of Reincarnations.
    It Alerts of something called death to be Aware of.
    It also Reassures of One more Life yet to come.
    Eternity of the Soul in the Pages of life and Death.
    Pats ! Pats !! Pats !!!

  3. I like this, death is not to be feared but is a cleansing ritual, love this so much. It reminds me of the empty pages after a book, they are the pause before contemplation (and a new book) begins.

  4. This is the second post I’ve read about death. Interesting because I adopted two new kittens recently, a few months after — what I called their aunt and uncle — left us. And this morning I was thinking about how similar these two are to their aunt and uncle when they died. And these two were born about the time their aunt died. So I like to think that maybe my beloved kitties have come back with healthier bodies!

  5. “in ardent love with life
    death embraces her and falls
    in a passionate sleep”

    Death, when unable to face its own reality, deludes itself and falls asleep in the arms of its beloved life…
    Beautiful lines…meaningful poem!

  6. Maniparna, your wisdom for someone as young as you are, amazes me, as does your talent. These words are mesmerizing, taking me captive the moment I began to read them. The Power in your words as you describe a very deep and very misunderstood subject. I really enjoyed this. Love, Amy ❀

  7. This is lovely. I see a very wise awareness of soul’s transcendent, maybe a form of reincarnation. A complex subject put almost romantically. Love this.

  8. “the life of a soul
    enters the portal of death
    infinite and immortal” very beautiful. It has been subtly put that it is just the end of one road and the beginning of another.:)

  9. The choice of words makes this poem so enchanting and meaningful…a simple thought can be exalted like this…words can do such a magic! Lovely!

    • Death is a reality that none of us can deny. Every human living on this planet no matter a poor man or a King have to die one day. billions of humans came before us and all of them died. Even we will die One Day. After death a new life will began. If we will do good deeds in this life then we will be in peace hereafter and if we will do bad deeds here then we will be in trouble afterΒ death.

      So We should really be preparing for the death because it has to come no matter what. for some it will come soon and for some it will came later. but it will come for sure.

  10. Beautiful one Maniparna ..the soul it is said passes from one body to another with death as a bridge in between (as shown in your pic).
    So death is a comma not a full stop.
    The essence of your poem is the same as the shloka Vasansi Jirnani Yatha Vihay ..

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