Mundane Monday #4

It has been raining here for the past three-four days. Sometimes a downpour, sometimes a drizzle and sometimes raindrops are shooting down with great force. The rain stopped for a few hours yesterday night and, as I opened the door this morning, I saw this lone pigeon wandering on the road just in front of our house. No, it didn’t bring any letter for me but perhaps it was a sign for a good day ahead. A refreshing start to the week🙂

1-morning 031

This is a post for Trablogger’s  Mundane Monday Challenge

46 responses to “Mundane Monday #4

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  2. I cherish the warmth and hope captured in your post…I always loved mornings and its fresh breeze too buddy…but I guess I am being too much driven my routine these days…:) Your post is an eye-opener..time for some self-instrospection😀

  3. Finally it stopped raining yesterday. I am suffering from bad health due to this prolonged bad weather. The sun seemed to sweet to me after a very long time. Hope this week goes well without water clogging and with lots of sunshine.😀

  4. I have love and hate relationships with rains..there are moments that I love to have rainy days though – as long as it is too much🙂 Lovely image to start Monday, Maniparna. I hope now the weeks will start with good mood🙂

  5. Pigeons usually move in pairs. If you are a bird watcher, you must have seen most of the birds like to wander in pairs. I have even noticed them calling each other and responding, either with their sound or presence. Where is she lost…that is the first thought that hit me the moment I saw this picture. I hope he finds her!

  6. No letter for you, hehe. maybe the pigeon must have stopped to refuel on it’s way to someone.😛

    Loved the words and the picture. I noticed the rhymes in the first few lines and it made me happy. Maybe it’s the rains🙂

    Have a good week ahead!

  7. Not mundane. In fact quite beautiful. Nice contrast. A white bird that represents peace again a dark background. Looks like a deep meaning is hidden somewhere.😉

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