Smell It

Mr. Bose again shifted his position, somewhat awkwardly. That was the fourth time and, I couldn’t help but noticing it. The sofa was quite comfortable, nobody ever had any problem with it. I served him some finest Darjeeling tea with homemade cookies. So, what could be the problem?
He took out his kerchief this time and looked like he was trying to blow his nose. That was really odd! For it was me who was suffering from a running nose…he looked perfectly alright when he entered. Of course, it was not that much infectious to affect a person within half an hour!
After exchanging some more pleasantries for five more minutes, he said that he would rather wait outside for my husband.
“It’s ..errrr…very hot here’am”-  he mumbled.
“But the air-conditioner is working fine”! I was quite exasperated.
“Well, okay… I think I forgot to lock my car…..kindly excuse me..please…” and, he almost ran out of the room!
After almost one hour, my husband returned home. As soon as he entered the living room, he sniffed hard and made a face. Then the conversation went in this way.
-What’s the smell? Is there any dead rat around?
-Dead rat? Are you crazy?
-No, wait, not a dead rat! It seems there is a mixture of at least ten dead rats, some rotten eggs and stale fish.
-What? I’m not getting any smell!!!
-That’s because you’re suffering from a running nose and, are temporarily immune to any smell, bad or good.
A cold shiver ran down my spine. Then..I mean..I think…..was that the reason behind Mr. Bose’s sudden disappearance?
But what was the source of that killing smell?
I frantically looked around, but nowhere there was anything suspicious. Then I bent down to look under the sofa AND, there was the culprit!
A pair of my husband’s socks!!!
I forgave Mr. Bose from the deepest core of my heart. I could feel his conundrum, the pathetic situation through which he passed. And all because of my smelly home!

This type of situation is often faced in almost every home. The monsoon has arrived and, there is a typical suffocating smell of wet clothes hovering around. I use incense sticks, place them in strategic positions, but all in vain. Soon after they stop burning, the smell is back, mightier this time.
We, Bengalis especially love fish and, I remember an incident when I invited one of my non-Bengali friend who was a vegetarian. Out of respect and friendly attitude, she never complained, but it was not easy for her to breathe in the fishy smell all the time she was there at my place.
After that, I prefer to treat such guests outside my house. Yes, the homely ambiance, care, and relaxation are always missing when you are in a restaurant; even when they are expensive and class apart.
But, I just can’t allow my guests to spend time in a smelly atmosphere.
I dream of a smell free home, sweet home. I want the transformation #SmellyToSmiley with Ambi Pur.
“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur

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51 responses to “Smell It

  1. Lovely way to create the plot and it was intriguing and though not interesting for the guest for the reader it was fun. Never easy to hide and keep the smell away, it spreads and it stinks and if we are not aware of it, we sink…pretty humorous though the matter was serious, and many times we just don’t know how handle and how to react, these definitely awkward situations we keep facing…

    Hope you are having a great week…

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  2. Hilarious! Poor Mr. Bose and what to say about husband? He was shouting at his wife and culprit was his socks. Wives are always clever in spinning such stories. 😛

    Once a guest fainted in my house from the smell of fish frying. She was a dry hard vegetarian Vaishnavite. She couldn’t resist the invitation. It was her sister in law’s marriage.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Haha! This cracked me up 😀
    And I could understand your love for ‘maachh’ and your friend’s ordeal.:D I recently accompanied a Bengali friend to a small lake in Delhi and somehow all the fish started swimming away from her. We had a hearty laugh when we realized that the fish sensed the danger 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lol! socks can be awful! but under the couch? When I married my husband, one of the rules of the house was never wear the socks twice and never leave them in the shoes. And the rule has been adhered to…thanks to my darling hubby!

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  5. Oh dear, Mani! It is somehow hillarious, although at that moment you must have felt so embarassed about the smell. I know what you mean using all the incense in strategic way. My parents used to do that too, and they love to eat fish. So, my grandma usually would cut fish outside the house and cook using firewood at the back house rather than inside. That is at my homeland in Malaysia.

    But here in Europe, the problem is in winter season, most windows and doors are closed. So all kind of smells are quite intense than in summer. Especially the kids room – their bedsheets must be change every 2 days because they tend to sweat more and their body odour are really strong. LOL

    But stinking socks! Phewww … that is really something, eh? hehehehe …

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    • Oh! It did sound exciting! To cook using firewood… 😀
      You’re right, actually facing and fighting this problem of odour is a part of our life. We do it without paying much attention to it. Here, in India…monsoon actually becomes quite smelly..with faint or no sunshine for days…
      Thanks so much dear for sharing your experiences was a nice read…loved your comment… ❤ 🙂

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