Flowers & Quotes #1

I’ve been tagged by KiranMoon, and Somali (I’m accepting your tag unofficially) for the Three-Day-Quote-Challenge and here goes my first post for it.
I’ve decided to make it only on flowers as nature with its beauty always makes me happiest. A flower is always more precious to me than a piece of jewellery. A whiff of jasmine through my window refreshes me like never before. Flowers are symbols of hope and happiness. Whenever even the smallest flower blooms, Mother Earth smiles.

The flower is the poetry of reproduction. It is an example of the eternal seductiveness of life.  ~Jean Giraudoux

1-ratna 017


63 responses to “Flowers & Quotes #1

  1. This one is again (I am reading backward :P) true .. and the image is the perfect shot of seductiveness of life ! The crumpled paper like texture, the vibrancy of the colour and this nonchalant way of blooming ….. Marvelous !
    I can relate to it so well Mani because when I feel ‘abysmally low’ its such sights which ‘seduce’ me back to life …. It is again a Gem quote .


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