Stay Connected With Flynk

There was a time when staying connected with friends and family was not an easy job. The black, heavy, telephone set with a landline connection was considered as a luxury and, was quite a rare sight. Most of the times, the line used to be dead with no dial tone. With the advent of technology, such things are almost antique now. A mobile phone now peeps from everyone’s pocket; and, that too, is an android one.
Technology always strives to fulfill our wishes. The evolving technology has given us numerous options to stay connected with our close ones. Apart from the social media sites, different apps are available through which you can chat with your friends, know about their whereabouts or make new friends.
The internet and its various applications have made the world a small place. Not only we can stay linked up with others but we can also verify their location through apps. Let’s take the situation of a friend; new in your city, unable to communicate in the local language, and have almost no knowledge of labyrinthine city roads. Now you need not worry about her/his safety because of Flynk! The new app of the android world, a location-enabled social application empowering you to get the location of your friends and family or to stay connected with them without any hassle.
Flynk is the new, nifty, kid in the town. Once the app is installed, it will automatically show the location of people in and around your location. You can add new friends, chat with them, and can find out people with similar hobbies and likings. And, what is more interesting, you can search for friends in your locality. You can set the distance as well; say “friends within 5 km- 50km”. Sounds exciting and easy! Isn’t it?

invol 004

It has happened with almost all of us, that, we are waiting for some friends to join the party and, they are not showing up.  Calling them doesn’t solve the problem always because most of the times they say, “Hey, just five minutes more, we are almost there”. And that ‘five minutes’ can be more than half an hour. With Flynk you can easily get the location of your friends and, the conundrum of ‘five minutes’ myth is over!
The app is also helpful to get connected while you are traveling alone. No more anxious waiting at the airport for the office pick-up or the cab. Just scroll down the app, locate the person and, you can easily guess the time you’ve to wait for.

flynk 040

I find the app as a new way to socialize. We can’t just avert from social media these days. Flynk works seamlessly to keep you aware of your friends’ location and activities.
As a parent, I also find it useful as I can trace the location of my child when he is out alone. It’s really a spiffy one of its kind.
However, the app doesn’t work without the internet connection and, you have to enable your location on your device to get the maximum usefulness.

But as most of us do it by default, so I think it’s not a problem. Try Flynk and let’s get connected.

flynk 041

The user-friendly Flynk app is available both for iphone and android for free.


47 responses to “Stay Connected With Flynk

  1. Yes, I still had that landline thing which remains most of the time dead. I still have those round dial black heavy sets.

    The app seems to be cool thing to know the location of dear ones. 🙂

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  2. you can see unknown people too….that’s risky, I am any fed up with FB messenger calling of unknown people at odd hours 😦 Anyhow this looks like a great app and I see there is a button to on/off location that’s great 🙂

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  3. The first paragraph reminded me of how we used to shout into the receiver while making/receiving long distance calls as kids 😀 The line used to be so bad!
    I’ve never heard of Flynk, but it sounds interesting! Thanks for sharing…

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  4. On one hand enabling location can be useful while travelling alone, but somehow I find it a bit of information overload when FB shows me that ABC is at XYZ mall. The feature of sending auto msg to people in vicinity (when in need) may be an useful feature for Flynk to consider, otherwise it could amount to too much of intrusion.

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  5. Naya app ? Whatsapp itself is a pain in the heart 😛 but proves a boon sometimes. The real question is that do you want people to know your real location 😉

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