Housing, a Step Towards Positivity and Optimism

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Optimism; a word that can change the way of our life, a word that has the power to steer our mind positively. Optimism comes from the Latin word Optimus, meaning “best,” and, it refers to the tendency of a person anticipating and looking for good things to happen in any situation. It’s the positive life force that keeps us going, makes us look up towards a better future.

But some things are easier  saying than done. There are moments when we feel  disheartened and, feel perplexed in the maze of life. I remember a situation that I was in about a few months ago. That was a crucial phase of my life and, I somehow, was feeling dejected on one particular morning. I failed to fathom the reason but, I was feeling enervated. I came out of my office to spend some time in the small garden in front of the main building. I sat on a bench with a cup of coffee and, suddenly a small white flower in a bush attracted my attention. The five-petalled flower looked tinier and vulnerable as one of the petals got detached. But the flower didn’t perish, it kept itself firmly attached with the stalk and, was trying to thrive. It was not willing to let itself drop before its natural life span. That small flower lighted up my mind. It showed me the way to be hopeful again in life, to think positively. It brought back the optimism in me. Nature is so full of wonders! They always act miraculously as if a magic potion.

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Optimism is thus the driving force of life. It’s because of this optimism that we (my husband and I) were able to build our dream home. We always wanted to own a house, yes, not an apartment, but a house. We wanted to have our own cozy nest where we can realize all our dreams. We were looking for a suitable one for almost a year. Sometimes the price was beyond our limit and, sometimes we were not at all pleased with the location and architectural detailing. The real estate market is a booming one in Kolkata. With the delay, the price as a whole, was shooting upwards steadily. But we didn’t lose hope. Rather we began to save more and started toying with the idea of arranging more fund through some housing loan. All our endeavour, patience and, optimism paid off when we finally shifted to our own home after three years of conjugality.

The search for a suitable house was painstaking for us. It took a lot of time to get our perfect home. We even had to pay a hefty amount to the intermediary. This was the time when there was no such site on the internet like Housing.com. It is the site where your search always has an answer. Be it buying, selling, rent or invest. Housing helps you to find your dream shelter without losing your positivity and optimism. The most innovative part of the site is, you can also invest in real estate through it! I find this feature most attractive and profitable. When I came to know about Housing.com, how I wished it was there at the time we bought our house! My sister is toying with the idea of buying an apartment and, I’ve already recommended her the site. I’m pretty sure that she will be able to find something that will fit her requirements. Explore https://housing.com/lookup and feel your life with positivity, happiness and satisfaction.
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The  flower has been clicked by me, the other two are taken from Indiblogger and Housing.com


22 responses to “Housing, a Step Towards Positivity and Optimism

  1. Uncanny ! our basic ideas, the undercurrent, the theme …
    you have done a wonderful job girl …loved it the way you have related the one petal less flower with optimism .. loved you for the way of writing and ….err.. being concise (sheepish grin ) :p


  2. “Optimism is thus the driving force of Life” … Beautifully said…
    Also thanks for sharing part of your personal experiences with us and such an uplifting message!… It is always far better to see the glass half full than half empty, I guess ⭐
    Best wishes to you!~ Aquileana 😀

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  3. Yes, housing is a major issue with us, Indians. Often, generations share just a single home. To own a home in any of the metros, is a luxury for sure. And you did that with sheer optimism. Congratulations!

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