Live Your Dream Life

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.”- John Lenon

We live on our desires and dreams. We all want to weave colourful pictures contemplating our future. A protean brightness that enables us to live more for the present. We perform according to our wishes, our dreams. The dreams, which give us invisible wings to fly with no strings attached.

We want to live life according to our own ways. Our cherished dreams make us work hard so that we can realize them. That is the goal of our life. We want to see ourselves in better places than today in the future. All of us secretly nurture a ‘Bucket List’.

A ‘Bucket List’ simply comprises, all that a person wishes to achieve in his lifetime, before kicking the bucket. If given the chance to make such a list without any constraints, what would be your choice? How and where would you like to see yourself if there is nothing to hold you back? Let’s scan different horizons.

For me, the thing that prioritize my list, is a garden. A beautiful, green garden sprawling along a cliff top. From where I can have a bird’s eye view of the entire world. It will be my very own Garden of Eden. Nothing can be more blissful than listening to the chirping of birds and sitting on the velvety grass while reading a book. The heady fragrance of exotic flowers will make me feel in unison with nature.

Secondly I want to own a library, a real BIG one. Antique wooden shelves, cozy armchairs here and there and millions of books! The very smell of books is intoxicating to me. All genres will be systematically organized and, one can choose anything from anywhere. I know I won’t be able to read all those books in my lifetime but, I just want to immerse myself in the ocean of knowledge.

The thing that makes the third position in my bucket list is a mundane one, a car. No, I’m not an automobile aficionado but, I do love cars. And my dream one being a ‘little’ expensive, a Porsche 918 Spyder.Now, please, don’t think I’m insane! No harm in dreaming big, I think.

Travelling  makes a person wiser and independent. I nurture the desire to see all that is wonderful in this world. The natural as well as manmade wonders that are awe-inspiring. From the Great Barrier Reef to the CN Tower. From the Pyramids of Egypt to the Stonehenge of England. I wish to witness all things bright and beautiful.

Last but not the least, I want to live a happy life with my family and friends. I wish to see them smiling, without any worries and illness. At the end of the day, happy faces of your near and dear ones are the only thing that matter.

We always remain unaware of what is in store for us in the future. But we all hope for the best. Faith, love, dream, and hope are the four pillars of life. We can make the foundation of life stronger and more dependable with proper planning and little wisdom. IDBI Lifesurance tells us how we can ensure our happiness for the lifetime. To know more and to fulfill your bucket list wishes, visit IDBI Federal Life Insurance and watch this video. Live life to the fullest, #BefikarUmarBhar

This post is written as a part of the Indi-Happy Hours  Brfikar Umar Bhar Campaign in association with IDBI Lifesurance &. Indiblogger

35 responses to “Live Your Dream Life

  1. 1. To be a good cartoonist as well as an Engineer
    2. Owning a Ford Mustang (Expensive one)
    3. A big library
    4. Attending at a Linkin Park/Metallica Concert
    That’s my bucket list 🙂

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  2. Hi Maniparna: Your bucket list is quite a ride, and very fascinating. I just hope you get to do everything, and as you so humanely mentioned you get to spend a lot of loving time with family and friends. Cheers! M

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  3. I love the library idea. I also want to build an enormous castle for all my friends and family to stay in. At the same, I would love to live on a small “farm” of sorts in the countryside where I take care of animals and tend to my garden. I’m with you, though, making my friends and family supremely happy is a dream of mine.


  4. “I want to live a happy life with my family and friends. I wish to see them smiling, without any worries and illness. At the end of the day, happy faces of your near and dear ones are the only thing that matter.” Something we look forward everyday… gosh I love your post… it reminds me of my bucket list too… thank you very much and I am very happy to read this… 🙂 beautiful life… May God bless you and give you your hearts desire… 🙂


  5. Nice post Mani.. and not surprisingly most of our wishes are similar … Though I can enjoy a ride in your Porsche and sip a cup of coffee in your green beautiful garden 😉
    But I have serious doubts about you bearing with my bio-philosophical lectures !!
    Wishing you luck with HH dear 🙂


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