We Stood in Silence With #SoundOfLove



“Why are you breaking the chalks into pieces?”

The girl, the monitor of Class VII-B, asked the boy.  The boy, though intelligent, was renowned for his prank playing habit. He simply made a face, broke the chalks into smaller pieces and, went out of the classroom.

That was their first “encounter”. From then on, the boy made it a part of his daily routine to irritate the girl in every possible way. The girl, in turn, used to complain the class-teacher. As a monitor, she enjoyed some added advantages and diplomatically used them against him.

Everybody in the school was aware of this animosity. One day, as the girl opened her desk, a big, black, cockroach jumped onto her lap. The girl didn’t utter a single word of exclamation, let alone a girlish scream. She was not afraid of such filthy insects. She only noticed that a pair of eyes from the third row was looking at her, with much anticipation. During the recess, she stood in front of the boy and said.

“You better try something else, I’m not afraid of cockroaches”.

“Who told you that I’ve done that?” He asked innocently.

“The cockroach itself.” She bantered and went away.

They lived in the same locality and even if they chanced upon, outside the school, they behaved, in the same way. After the school leaving exam, both of them got admitted in the same college. Seeing her in the canteen, the boy chuckled and tried to show some awkward friendliness, she took it as a prelude to some nasty prank and, didn’t budge. But something changed somewhere and, gradually they at least came to normal talking terms.

College life, new friends and studies made her extremely busy and, she seldom had time to think about others. She failed to notice the changed way of her schoolmate, or, she didn’t want to. To her, he was the same prepubescent, surly boy.


The college life was about to end in a few months and, some of her friends decided to arrange a party at a friend’s house. The boy, too was invited. The girl had a pet; a cute, little, fawn coloured pug. She decided to take her dog, Chikkush (as she was called) with her as her friends were also very much fond of Chikkush.

The party was  going on in full swing, with  loud music and  friends chatting and dancing all the way. The girl was enjoying it to the fullest. Suddenly, a message popped up in her mobile from an unknown number, “If you want your dog back, meet me in the nearby park in five minutes”. Frantically, the girl, almost weeping, left the party and reached the park in a jiffy. It was about 8.30 in the evening and, nobody was there in the park. The girl in fear of losing her beloved Chikkush stood in the middle of the park and cried out her name. Just then, she observed that Chikkush was sitting on a park bench and something was dangling from her neck. She took her dog in her lap and examined the thing attached to her neck. It was a card. Just three words were written on it,“I LOVE YOU.”

The girl was almost mad with anger. She was wondering who could be the person behind it, and, just then she saw Him. He was standing at a distance with the same innocent chuckle and was observing her reaction. Almost instinctively, she ran towards him and began to hit him. She was punching him real hard, all she could think that he made her cry for her dog. He was keeping that smile all along and when she stopped after a few minutes, he made a wry face and said,

“Well, enough, it hurts. Now please tell me, what’s your answer to that note?” 

The girl gave her another punch.

“This”, she said.

“Oh!!! No!” he acted super-dramatic and again asked the same question.

She delivered another punch, targeting the abdomen with all her strength. This time, perhaps, he got it real hard. He sat on the ground with a painful ”Ouch”.

At that very moment, something happened to the girl. As the morning sky appears unveiling the darkness of night, in the same way, a new feeling revealed itself in her mind. A surge of emotions made her stunned. She was finding it difficult to understand herself. Her own heart was beating for someone else! The feeling of love, intangible yet so vivid, inaudible yet so loud….was shrouding her senses.

The boy stood up and gazed at her. His deep, black eyes, were looking sad.

“I’m in love with you, for all these years I want to tell you but I can’t. But I’m unable to take it anymore. Your love is always with me, like the wind and just like the wind, I can’t live without it.” 

He asked again,“What’s your answer?”

The girl punched him, softly this time, and again…and again. With tears in her eyes, she whispered,“I love you.”

The time stood still. Under the starry sky, two young hearts were looking at each other as if they were meeting for the first time. No words uttered, still they could reach their souls. The loquacious silence between them became their eternal #SoundOfLove.

The girl was ME and the boy was MY HUSBAND. We often smile reminding that evening. He still says, “no one in the history of romance ever has said, “I love you” while hitting her boyfriend so hard.”


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51 responses to “We Stood in Silence With #SoundOfLove

  1. wow.. Lucky you.. I also wanted such romance but found it only after marriage so i must say what you have experienced is very very special and keep it like that always.. 🙂


  2. WoW Mani … !
    I loved the post ..even more , in accordance with the sound of love … 🙂
    Yeah ravish is so right .. Just remember to tell me beforehand secretly .. I want to outdid All in reviewing ! Love you girl ! Your totally rocks !
    cheers n wishes 🙂


  3. You mesmerise us everytime!!! one who has ever fallen in love, this sweet story is sure to touch every chord of his. I’m eager to grab a copy of your book from the stands….Waiting to be becharmed, again!!!


  4. Hey, is it really real? I love to know more….. Btw, what are you waiting for? It’s a perfect bestseller plot – childhood love converting into happy marriage. If people like to read Chetan Bhagat then…..
    Let me tell you that your imagination and writing is far better than Chetan and I’m sure who has read both would agree with me.


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