Haiku : Rain

My friend Ravish Mani who blogs at Being Successful sent me an audio clip and requested to compose a haiku based on it. The audio clip contains natural sound of rainfall, which if you listen carefully, transports you to a rainy night accompanied by thunder and lightning.

Somehow, WordPress is not allowing me to upload that particular audio clip, so I’m attaching a similar one from YouTube.

This was a unique prompt, and I was intrigued to use the audio effects in my haiku. Many of my friends write beautiful haiku, and I request them to use this prompt as well if they wish.  So, here it goes, in the classical 5-7-5 form.

tiny stealthy feet

million drops pouring softly

the harp of nature

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61 responses to “Haiku : Rain

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  2. I am a pluviophile and what better than this Haiku…I loved the creation whole…but the first line is super. hugs babe. And thanks Ravish had it not been this challenge this beautiful creation would not be shared 🙂


  3. Thanks Maniparna for honouring my request. I knew that YOU would do full justice to it. I’m fascinated to visualise the sound effects you pictured through your haiku. Parachuting of million droplets as paratroopers and marching sound of their tiny stealthy feet as if nature is playing some musical instrument. Superb-fantabulous-marvellous! Hats off to Haiku Queen 🙂


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