My #IncredibleZen With Superpowers

It  was a lazy Sunday afternoon. I was busy discovering the numerous features of the newly launched ASUS Zenfone on my laptop and was really amazed by its innovative features. ” Oh ! it feels I can create, re-create, rewind , produce, shoot like a pro with this Zenfone ! a God-like feel almost ” I mused . Suddenly a voice startled me !

Who art thou to feel like God ?
   Thinking yourself, you silly girl 
    Superior to your Lord ? ” 

With utter disbelief and awe I looked up slowly to see a human form enshrouded by an unearthly mist , with a halo around his head, was standing in front of me . I couldn’t see him properly but could feel the heavenly presence. I immediately folded my hands and said,

“Oh my Lord , please forgive my churlish deed
I’m a simple girl who pray to you in time of need 
Take those thoughts as midday mirth
Save me from your supreme warth ” 

God seemed to be pleased with my words and he asked again…

” What art thou looking at to feel like me ?
    what power it hast must show me thee “


I timidly said , in a low voice …..

“It is the new smart Zenfone from ASUS
One can shoot like a pro without being cautious
Perfect picture clarity with PixelMaster
One can do everything better and faster
Wonderful features to make one happy
Have a look on them here on my lappy “

God came closer to look at the screen of my laptop and as he lightly touched the screen I gaped . The Zenfone actually came out of the screen and He was holding it. He was about to look at it carefully when a bell rang and he said ,

“I go must as it is worship time
Methinks they have gathered at the shrine

Take this SuperZEN and you’ll be
‘Tathastu’ I say , it’ll act like me”


And within the blink of an eye , he disappeared. I sat there , in utter bewilderment . Then I looked at my SuperZENfone . Will it really work like God ? How much superpower it has ? Can I use it to revolutionize the world ? Will it really be a ZEN in truest sense ? A state that has complete control of body and mind , or here in this case , of technology and super-power .

I went on exploring the different features of the fone and Oh ! My GOD ! it really has SUPERPOWER that works in prefect streamline with the normal working method of the phone !!


Now this is how my ASUS SuperZENfone works for me.

Excellent Image quality in Zen Phone and Image Stabilizer : My phone has the power to prevent political leaders from making obnoxious , racial or controversial comments which they often do giving indulgence to miscreants  and misdeeds. Whenever I press the ” CALL” button, the person I’m calling gets a psychological jolt of conscience and immediately starts behaving properly. It is literally “Image Stabilizer “ for them. So that they can have an Excellent Image along with our country.

Zenfone’s PixelMaster provides excellent picture clarity by decreasing noise reduction and boosting the colour contrast : There are intolerant and callous people in our country who have a penchant of blowing horns unnecessarily in front of schools. colleges and hospitals. Whenever I press the “CAMERA” button , even in the midst of a busy traffic , people start behaving properly and soberly.They stop using abusive languages ( even the rickshaw drivers) and wait patiently like a civilized nation. This actually neutralizes the contrast of their character.

The five-element optical formula of Zenfone’s camera lens helps to take impeccable distortion free photos and Beautification feature makes the subject looks flawless and without any blemish : My SuperZEN phone has transformed this quality amazingly. It’s lens has the corrective power to reduce disabilities of a person. That is , the lens can make a physically handicapped person a normal one removing the necessary distortion ! It can bring real smile in the lives of all those people who hate their crippled forms.

*** It does not help in achieving zero-figure or making six/ eight packs.

The Time Rewind feature  automatically starts recording images 2 seconds before : My SuperZEN can rewind back to time for two seconds too and thus can prevent many accidents at the nip of the time.

The Panoramic feature, Panosphere , takes full spherical photos of the surrounding environment and the Clear Zoom : My SuperZEN has transformed this power uniquely too . It keeps me aware of the whole neighbourhood , what’s happening where. Once it locates anything wrong happening anywhere , it zooms in to show the pictures more clearly and to make me aware of the actual happenings.

1-images (16)

I was overjoyed and there was more than enough reasons . Don’t you think so ? These superpowers can actually make our country a prosperous one and free from all negativity. A more civilized and sanitized nation . A nation we are so proud of. I was about to call the media to demonstrate the superpowers of my amazing SuperZEN when someone pushed me hard . It was my mother , I actually dozed off .

The dream was still so prominent in my mind . My SuperZEN with superpowers ! I just again concentrated on the ASUS Zenfone website to explore more about their models.

If you want to know more about the ASUS Zenfones , kindly click HERE to visit their website.

This post is written as an entry for the contest #INCREDIBLEZEN in association with Indiblogger and ASUS ZENFONE

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30 responses to “My #IncredibleZen With Superpowers

  1. Wonderful !! and beautiful too 🙂 loved it … By the way i use a phone which is kissed if I get to hear everything the other person is saying and it s purely my mind reading abilities 😛 and sensitivity of his/her life situations that I am able to respond accordingly… till now 😛


  2. As I wrote in Anita’s post as well, I am biased towards lyrical posts and this post really stands out. I loved how you summed up the verse with the ASUS detailed specs. All the best Mani 🙂



  3. Good one with many Superpowers, Mani 🙂
    Smiled to read- No size zero or 6-8 packs 😛
    Best wishes for the contest!


  4. Nice one 🙂 Always with some lovely verse, right? 😀
    Waiting for the contest to reach the climax before coming up with a big shot, I see 😀
    Best of luck 🙂


  5. I loved the poetic lines in between. 😀
    You have given ample details explaining the features of the phone and mixing it with a theme that you have woven is really good.
    All the best for the contest 🙂


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