War and Cry

Fangs , sharp and fatal ,ugly and hostile 
Conniving monsters with intentions vile
Innocent victims who know not their fault
Hearts skip several beats before the final hault.

Bloodshed and mortal bodies ( hard to recognise)
Goodness hides as countless devils rise
Soft ,small buds who were about to bloom
Smokes from mortar fire , darkness and doom .

The child and his dog were playing in the park
An insouciant shell stopped the giggle and the bark
Mankind , what made you blind today ?
Why can’t you raise your voice and say ? 

Culling of innocence for power and pride
Satan is omnipresent , no place to hide
Wars are fought , shouts and cry 
Millions of thriving lives , all gone awry.

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59 responses to “War and Cry

  1. Soft ,small buds who were about to bloom…this is perhaps the saddest part. So many children are suffering and dying because of these satans as you have justifiably mentioned…


  2. Soft ,small buds who were about to bloom… this is perhaps the saddest part. So many children are dying and suffering because of these satans…as you have justifiably put.


  3. All the bloodshed happening around the world and cruelty of it put superbly in the poem ! A very saddening effect humans are bringing upon themselves 😦


  4. today , approx whole world is in tears and saddened . this all is because of some narrow minded people. very true words


  5. It breaks my heart to acknowledge the truth you’ve mentioned in the third verse. How sad to witness or even think about it. 😦

    Poem is good but what’s happening in the world is simply not acceptable.


  6. You describe both the madness and so well that it’s inconceivable that it continues. We’ve got to continue to call this out. Thank you.


  7. Power cares not for individuals. Those lives are expendable merely to prove a point. Love is not promoted only hate, for then the evil is perpetrated in your name. One day peace and love may prove themselves stronger…I hope you see it one day Maniparna.


  8. How powerful this poem is! I especially am struck by “Goodness hides as countless devils rise”…..and the millions of lives all gone awry. Well expressed, and really hits home.


  9. This strikes me with awe. I imagine how would I cope up with such a dreadful situation. We all should think about this.. we all should create a space for love in our hearts. War can be anyone’s reason of suffering and end. No one’s safe.. so, we all should think about this..
    Very thoughtful. Strong words.


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