Life’s Eternal Teacher

1-Shantiniketan 029

Roots tied firmly to the earth
The womb of Nature
Reaching for the sky in mirth.

Nurtured by Mother earth and rain
They stand alone to preach
Life is a concoction of joy and pain.

A tree’s strength lies in its trust
It knows its mission : to bloom and bear
Sheer love it spreads, free from lust.

Like great souls , standing alone in glory
Forming green laces in blue sky
Murmuring leaves sharing a million story.

Listen to their soft whispers listen to the souls
Soothing spirit of eternal life
Green gold,fragrant blossoms playing on the boles.

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36 responses to “Life’s Eternal Teacher

  1. Lots of sounds here provided we are receptive… yes indeed- “Listen to their soft whispers listen to the souls” May we all have the strength to do do πŸ™‚


  2. Beautifully crafted poem! Life is a conjunction of joy and pain, yes it is, if we didn’t have pain we would never know what joy would be like! Contrasts are necessary in life!


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