Happiness Of Small Things

I always feel that my lungs inflate as I find myself within nature. Flowers, leaves , small unknown weeds with tiny specks of colour on them, make my spirit soaring high up . I think…that is what they call happiness …sharing a couple of random photographs .

1-Shantiniketan 021 1-Shantiniketan 1481-Shantiniketan 014

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24 responses to “Happiness Of Small Things

  1. Nature at its best, beautifully captured. Indeed it is good to wander around in nature and get lost…it only will ignites your imagination.

  2. Spot on Maniparna.
    Nature makes everyone feel fresh and relieved. Like the fresh and blooming flowers it brings a smile on your face and refreshes you. Thanks for these wonderful photographs.

  3. Beautiful pictures! Interestingly, my upcoming post is also going to feature those tiny purple-bluish flowers, Jacquemontia pentantha. Stay tuned 🙂

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