Haiku : Canopy


Colossal crowning

Decrypts ethereal codes

While in tryst with earth.

Image courtesy : Co-blogger and friend  Abhra Pal : ( You can see his blog HERE )

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24 responses to “Haiku : Canopy

  1. A couple of words, a bit of metaphores and Voila ..Ayela …!!

    By the way, the trees seem to have belonged to those who are invisible by nature, those who live on these trees. But they get down after dusk, they instantly transform into electrifying beauties …who follow only those who catches the pic of their homes, yes! in order to take them into their own World… !! Beware of Nights…! Dont turn round if you ever hear the sound of Chhamm-Chhamm… Patter Chatter …behind you. We don’t want you to live on that trees with no leaves at all. . . So plz take care.


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