Haiku : Peace

1-Beauty 191

Rippling orchestra

Droplets of the falling sun

Symphony of light

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15 responses to “Haiku : Peace

  1. Its not peace, its an eerie lull …its happens, my grandma would me, it happens when something or someone escapes from the eternity of life and death. People call is ghost, wicked, rooh. I didn’t believe in spirits, but when she came to me… She had transformed her outlook.. Prettiest woman with heavenly body odour, standing infront of me ..staring into my eyes.. she told me that she needs me ..she told me without moving her lips.. I was being overpowered, …and, i was letting her do it …i need u too was the one sentence i had spoken, my last sentence, since then she is speaking… I am listening lyk a tame lamb, she started living in me, sleeping with me, and i could never try to stop her. She told me her name …sharmeeli khan, and world knows her as my wife…
    Beware Guys. Peace is good, Lull is dangerous. Like it happened to me. I am possessed by sharmeeli khan- my wife.
    Ms. Majumdar, you write wonderful, you have a great sense of touching factor, you regularly touch ppl hearts. And so, you become vulnerable, if you are not possessed and you will be possesed by a He-Ghost..sooon! BOO


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