Book Review : I Am Life

I am lifeI Am Life by Shraddha Soni , at the first glance, may remind the readers of Paulo Coelho . This debut work of the author has been placed in the genre philosophy/ fiction , an area where most authors dare to dive. But Shraddha has done an incisive job , to reveal to her readers…the true meaning of life.

The novel starts as we find Siddharth Khanna(Sid) the protagonist , standing at the crossroad of his life , which has almost been turned upside down as he gets an email from his wife intimating him that she is cancelling Sid’s Power of Attorney and is dismissing him from the designation of Director in her father’s company thereby cutting him off from all the responsibilities . It is from here that Sid begins to harness his hedonic activities and ultimately ends up in the ” Happy Yogi ashram ” in Rishikesh . Destiny playing hand in hand with Life, has brought Sid to his motherland again after living for more than a decade in New York .

Sid’s introspection and his search for God remains unsaturated and he hops from one ashram to other. Meanwhile he fails to resist his physical urge and gets involved in some sort of one-night-stand with an unknown girl. But again he realizes his fault and blames himself as well as all those people who , according to him ,  are responsible for making his life a failure. In a sudden urge of excitement and emotion he tries to end up his life and then he meets Myrah , the woman of Life , who helps him to understand the true meaning of Life.

The author has created the character of Sid in such a way that every reader, at some point or other, can relate her/himself with Sid and his dilemmas. As Sid carries on his search for Truth, as he unveils and finds himself in oneness with the Supreme Power and ultimately learns the way to keep Life alive , the reader accordingly gets ignited with the same fire of ultimate knowledge.  It is the author’s genius that the esoteric field of metaphysics has been come alive in the simple possible manner , and that too, within a page count of less than 200 .

However, the last part of the book at times feels monotonous and the long soliloquies could be avoided . The plot too, at the end, becomes a bit flaccid . As the narrative style is concerned, I expect a tad more firmness from the author in her next work. An overall pleasant and thought-provoking read .
From my side it’s 4/5.

About The Author

SSShraddha Soni is born to life. Having been raised in Mumbai with humble yet firm roots, She has breathed life into life with every passing moment: be it joyous, indifferent or otherwise. Bold and a bit of a brat, very little can get past this petite authors eye. It comes as no wonder then that she has been able to develop a story with so much force and flow that you are barely able to prevent it from taking you with it.

Her life is a tale in its own, call it what you may: romance, adrenaline, entwinement, her tryst with the Higher Power gets stronger with every passing day. Shraddha is known to unlock people before they even know it. She sees through the cloud, and cuts through the jargon with a simplicity you would not expect. She will narrate the blueprint of your life and its purpose like a movie cutting it clear in black and white. She travels through life as much as across cities, spreading her gift through workshops, inspirational talks and sessions, all to connect people back to their souls journey.

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Twitter iamshradha

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21 responses to “Book Review : I Am Life

  1. Hey Maniparna.. I love reading and want to genuinely attempt book reviewing. Can you please help me understand about some dedicated platforms that invites one for book reviewing? Also, do you know of any such platforms for non-fiction books? It would be great if you could help me take my first step towards book reviewing..looking forward to your response 🙂


    • Hi Henanksha , if you follow the book review section on my blog , you’ll see some tags at the end of the posts..i.e..’ this review is shared with abc..” ..Please click those links which will lead you to the respective book review platform. You can also register with different sites like b00kr3vi3ws , Writersmelon etc… 🙂

      Hope this will help.. 🙂


  2. Thank you for the fab review. I’m glad the cover is liked, I’ve worked for months to get a cover that fits the story. The Paulo Coelho comments are something I’ll have to learn to smile at hoping that my next meets the readers expectations.

    See you on the other side,
    Shraddha Soni


  3. Sounds an interesting story to read.
    As you said, even the cover picture reminds me of Eleven Minutes and Winner Stands alone by Paulo Coelho. The tone of cover picture is similar to both these stories!


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