P.A.U.S.(E) I’m Not Mad !

Standing alone in the park Animesh was feeling more chilly than it actually was . He was lost in his thoughts.  He still couldn’t believe the way Raka behaved with him . It all seemed like a traumatic nightmare and every moment he was expecting that he would get up to discover that he was actually sleeping . But it was harsh reality  and Animesh was feeling as gloomy as the approaching evening. The fog was enveloping his mind  along with the surrounding. Suddenly he heard crisp , steady footsteps behind him and in no time four policemen stopped his way..a lady officer being their leader.

” Get him” she shouted .

Animesh stood  perplexed. One of the men brought out a shabby photograph from his pocket and murmured  ” Aquiline nose , big gloomy eyes  and an unclean stubble . HE is our man ”

” What’s going on ?” Animesh realized its time to act or it would be too late .

” Nothing. Only that we are here to bring you back to where you belong..the asylum ”

Animesh gaped ! ” me !!! asylum ? lu..lu..”

The lady officer cut him short  , ” you can go to loo once we return  to the asylum..understood..you moron ? ”

“Uhh ! not loo ma’am , I’m trying to say that I’m not a lunatic ..”

” Yes , we know… every lunatic claims the same . Your unshaven and unclean stubble  is speaking for you ! It seems you’ve not taken a bath for days ..  hate that unclean stubble “. She hissed .

” Look , I’m Animesh Gupta , I work for a reputed IT company. Here’s my ID card and driving license”

The officer looked puzzled. She examined the papers and said  ” I see, sorry for the inconvenience caused  but you’re responsible for that also. Go and have a clean shave otherwise you look exactly like this runaway lunatic we’re searching for. ”

Animesh understood . Stubble was the source of all his troubles.


 ( Word  Count : 303 )

This post is an entry for the contest  Protest Against Unclean Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda. and I was tagged by Anita in her post HERE .

I would like to tag Pallavi in this post.

This is my third post for the P.A.U.S contest and you can read my other posts  from the links below :

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23 responses to “P.A.U.S.(E) I’m Not Mad !

  1. This is directly intended to me. I look at myself in the mirror. *sigh*

    Its indeed something that I need to look into 😀



  2. Well written – but every time I am reading a post on this topic, it is somewhat irritating – had the contest been other way round, am sure all the women writing for this cause would find men with stubble attractive 😦


  3. Ha Ha! Maniparna! A Stubble that spells Trouble as the Hero is thought to be a lunatic!!! 🙂
    Moral- Better be clean-shaven else visit the asylum! 🙂

    Thank you so much for the kind words you have shared for my PAUS entries on my Blog 🙂
    Thanks a lot for responding to my tag! Do register your entry in the Contest Page too.
    Best wishes for the Contest! 🙂


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