downloadReputed criminal law year Rahul Joshi was contemplating..about the case whose final hearing was scheduled to be on the next morning.Though there was not much to think about as he was aptly called The Invincible Rahul ! Every case , yes , almost every..he had won..Knowing full well that he was safeguarding the criminals.Rahul Joshi was the name of their saviour, all big shots of the dark world knew, his was an immensely respected name in the under world.
Rahul doesn’t bother anything about. He has no feelings, no emotions left in him since the last fifteen years. He works mechanically.His brain has shut all the other windows except for one..the law.He is an impeccable robot in this field..shrewd and sharp.

As expected,the morning session at the court again added another jewel in the crown of Joshi The Jabardast ! The accused came out of the courtroom..laughing as the other eminently notorious  members of the brotherhood were congratulating him ! Seeing Joshi he came a few steps forward,dramatically torn his shirt to expose his waxed,toned, bare chest and said “Joshijee,aap ke liye jaan bhi hazir hain” (Can give my life for you) thumping his chest as he was saying. Joshi felt irritated. He wanted to end the scene ,so looked up to utter something. Something was tattooed on his chest..a  bizarre two-faced snake or something..he couldn’t actually make out but it seemed he had seen that tattoo before! if only he could remember where !
He was ransacking his memory and then..the next second he stood still, as if he was electrified. His mind took him back to a night fifteen years ago. he was travelling with Neelima,his wife. It was a stormy night,accompanied by severe rain,.they had to stop the car as everything appeared blurred. Suddenly someone gave a knock on the glass on Neelima’s side. As soon as she lowered the glass the person outside tried to snatch her earrings and necklace. Neelima shouted and tried to resist. Almost instantly he took out a gun and it was a point blank shot ! Rahul couldn’t see his face..only a bare chest..a tattoo on it..a two-faced  snake..bizarre..Nelima was six-months pregnant. One shot..all lost!

Rahul Joshi was running  frantically a mad-man.He was not running for his life..he was running from himself.

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7 responses to “Tattoo-tale

  1. Amazing story…So short but captured all the essence…I enjoyed it thoroughly 🙂

    Indian law system take 25 yrs to end a case I guess Rahul Joshi is 150 yrs old if has won many cases 😀 *sarcasm*

    Keep writing 🙂


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