images-1The anger fumed inside me,I kept silent
The rage made me feverish
I coiled my emotion
I’ve been taught , like a tree,
I should spread myself
Giving shade to everyone
Shouldn’t forget my roots
Never utter a word
When somebody plucks flowers
Or leaves just for fun.
My boughs should bear fruits.
I dreamt of a day
When my silence
Will speak for me,
”Victory,thy name is woman”

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26 responses to “Dream

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  2. প্রকৃতিবাদী কবিতা। এ কবিতা চিরজীবন সজিব থাকে। ধন্যবাদ কবি। চমৎকার কবিতার জন্য।


  3. Normally, I don’t read poems or poetry..after reading Abhra’s blog I peeked into your blog and certainly impressed with the words you shared. Good job!


  4. I have learned from a very bad experience that you should never coil your anger inside, the consequences can be disastrous :/


  5. That is so Powerful Indeed.. 😀
    Truth shared through Powerful Words and Even I do believe there will surely be a day where no woman will feel threatened… 😀


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