Book Review : Destiny ( New Avalon #1)

18400247Destiny ( New Avalon #1) by Andrea Buginsky is a pleasant one or two hour read over a lazy afternoon. The book starts with Elena Baxter anticipating her sixteenth birthday. She is a normal teenager who sometimes is bullied by the “Blond Bimbettes” at high school and feels morose as those morons taunt her. But her life takes a dramatic turn when her Godmother Isabel reveals the fact that she is actually a descendant of the legendary Arthurian Lady Of The Lake and tells her about her lineage. Her sixteenth birthday lets her know about her arcane heritage and unnatural powers which she possess. She feels herself virtuous as well as vulnerable as those powers are beyond her own control and are rather controlled by her emotional ebb and flow. Her mother,grandmother and Isabel assure her that she will soon learn to gain her control over them.
Isabel then offers her to have a  week-long visit to a mysterious island Avalon , an island which is unknown to the outside world and is really  only-those-who-know-what-it-really-is-go-there place. After reaching Avalon, Elena gets mystified by the celestial beauty of the place. She feels at home there , the place befits her completely.She gets acquainted with the other inhabitants of the island ,all of whom have the power of ‘telekinesis’ and are ‘witch’ ! Here she confronts with another shocking fact that could make her life absolutely different from what it is now.Will she stay at the New Avalon school of her own volition? Can she be able to accustom herself with the new knowledge and powers which she bestowed with? The story reveals all and more as Elena blossoms up and comes to know more about her inner self.
The story runs smoothly and I like the simple way of story telling on part of the author. As I’m a zealous reader of fantasy. I find the story quite interesting. The description of Avalon is marvellous and effective to the reader’s imagination. The dilemma of a teenage girl as she comes to know that the fairly tales which she read earlier are factual has been delineated nicely. However,there are still some points which I need to mention.The dialogues though simple but still at some places I find them stilted. There was enough scope for the author to make the side characters a tad more interesting . The day to day description of Elena’s life while in New Avalon sometimes feels dragging and monotonous,no conflict,no contradiction ( only a mere mention of an evil prophecy ) . The emotional crisis of Elena as she settles herself with the fact of being a witch has not been given enough space. She seemed to accept the fact quite easily !

Finally,one couldn’t help remembering Harry Potter.Avalon has a stark resemblance with Hogwarts and Elena, like Harry, is totally unaware  of her powers until she reaches a particular age as also the classes,teachers and mode of study  induced my memory of the HP series.
However, I think as it is named ” Book 1″ the author has kept the doors open for a whole series and will eagerly wait for Elena’s new adventures as she grows up as an enchantress.
If you’re a HP fan and an ardent admirer of the world of wizards,this is a must read for you.
From my side it’s 3.5/5.4515588
tour-bannerA big thanks to Ms.Debdatta D.Sahay for the review copy



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