What that Resides Inside

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Sometimes it seems that an inner-me is there, dwelling deep inside
Watching every footstep, each activity performed by the outer persona.
The inner-me, the caged one, sings song unknown to the outer world,
Arcane language of some forgotten land, she rattles on her whims.
The lilt I hear, but fail to decipher.ย The madness grows.
Like a gust of caged wind, she stays relishing in my thoughts and conflicts
Until one day, I unveil her shrouded identity. And, she whispers,
“Call me Freedom, Independence”.ย 

20 responses to “What that Resides Inside

  1. The paradox of life. We are so much in awe and wonder with the things happening around us we forget to connect and recognize the person within us. The inner self.

    The visible and tangible drives us and everything is outward driven and we miss to board the inner bus that drives us towards peace and harmony. Indeed it speaks a different language and we need to learn that language to understand the world beyond our world, there is that elusive perspective that makes a huge difference in the way we look at life and the way we live our life.

    The ultimate quest for all us is that absolute freedom where we can do what we wish to do and where we can live a life full of joy, fun and bliss…It is picture perfect with the profound poem of yours is putting the thoughts in its rightful perspective.

    Have a lovely lovely week ahead Mani…festival seasons are on the anvil, rain has given us the joy it had to.


  2. Yes Mani the madness grows which is why many more of us are seeking sanctuary within our inner-selves… Beautifully written my friend..
    When we begin to find that Peace within, we then are able to create it outwardly.. What we think we create..
    Love and Blessings.. Loved your thoughts.. โค


  3. Ah, what we keep inside sets us free from all the chaos that takes place in the outer world. I do enjoy my inner demons! Excellent piece, Mani, and your photo flows well with your insightful words.โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ˆ


  4. What a lovely piece of poetry Mani! The picture, so much in synch with your thoughts, says all about the yearning within us…many are not able to articulate it. “Inner me” is ever in conflict with the societal norms and diktats. Blessed are those who break free to see what lurks behind those clouds. How can you cage a gust of wind? Poets possess special powers! And I love that.


  5. Maniparna this is so amazing! What a beautiful description of the inner freedom and independence. There is great energy of live in your poem. And the photo is beautiful as well. ๐Ÿ™‚ Blessings to you — Debbie


  6. I meditate for those who are not free. To free yourself from all the tangles is a worthwhile feeling and to recognize your path to freedom is enlightening. You relay your writing poignantly.


  7. I love the line ‘The madness grows’. Sometimes that happens to even the most quiet and calmest among us…we feel madness because we’re passionate about something or are driven to succeed in something. It can take a long time before that inner self comes out. It takes time, takes patience and above all a lot of self belief to believe we have a place in this world…and this world is a place for us to make a place for ourselves. Beautifully written and lovely beach view to accompany it ๐Ÿ™‚


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