Overcoming the Hurdle of English With PTE Academic

Education is the key to fulfil all our dreams. It makes us powerful enough to make our existence meaningful in this world, to fight against the darkness of ignorance. Education endows us the ability to magnify our own selves, to reign over our destiny.  In a country like India, where there are 22 official languages, it is not surprising that almost all educated Indians hold an efficiency in more than one. Still, like all non-English speaking countries, we need to learn this particular language to earn a proficiency. And, a high score in the English language tests like TOEFL and IELTS  is of utmost importance if one desires to move out of the country to study or work.

The world has now become a global village. There was a time when snail-mail was the only way to keep track with someone studying or working abroad. I remember one incident from my own family. I was probably eight or nine years old when my father got a chance to move abroad. We were ready to accept the change, but my grandma intervened. According to her, a moving stone always fails to gather moss. In other words, she was afraid to lose her root. So vehement was her opposition that our family finally abandoned the offer. The fear of rootlessness always lurks when one moves to another country. New socio-economic norms, new environment, new language, new friends and food-habits– these definitely take time to get habituated with.


But, the time has changed. Nowadays more and more students are opting for studying abroad. Professionals never miss a chance to settle down anywhere in the world where life looks promising and better. Though there is no dearth of reputed institutions in India, a limited number of seats has made them a sanctuary for crème de la crème.
Many foreign universities boast of highly acknowledged alumni with an affordable fee structure. The complicated admission process involves several steps; lengthy paperwork, passport/visa applications, country-specific regulations, university acceptance and of course, an extensive test of the English language. As I’ve said earlier, English is a foreign language to us, so, here comes the need for an institution that can rightly steer our endeavour to succeed.

Pearson India is one such institution. PTE Academic is one of the world’s best computer-based English academic tests. It is fast, flexible and completely secure. The video below shows what to expect at a Pearson VUE Test Centre.

PTE Academic run their test sessions 360 days in a year. So, one can choose at their own convenience. There are over 200 locations worldwide. In India, test centres are located not only in metro cities but also in smaller cities.  One can book a seat in advance for appearing in the test. The booking process is hassle-free and just a phone call or a click away. The result is delivered in five business days. Students can view their scores by logging into their respective Pearson VUE account. The scores can be sent to an unlimited number of institutions without any extra charge! I think this is one of the reasons why we say #DefinitelyPTE.

PTE Academic scores are widely accepted all over the world. Even the coveted Ivy League universities like Harvard and Yale, well-known for their selectivity in admission and academic excellence, accept PTE scores. Some other names worth mentioning are— Abbey College Australia, Imperial College London, University of Sydney, Stanford University, University of Liverpool, Durham University, Princeton University, Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT) and INSEAD (Fontainebleau & Singapore).

Last but not the least, let’s have a glance at the PTE Academic Test module to understand why it should be #DefinitelyPTE.

The PTE Academic conducts a nifty three-hour English Test that includes speaking, listening, reading and writing. There are three parts; part I (speaking and writing), part II (reading) and part III (listening). Thus, a student’s skill gets verified in a wholesome manner while opening the doors to reputed universities around the world.  To make a student competent enough for PTE Academic, there is PTE Preparation Course. There are three types of packages, Silver, Gold and Platinum which can be bought online according to the need and, working zealously on them, ensures success. One should first try the free sample questions to understand which of the packages would be the best.

So, let’s add wings to our dreams. It’s time to prove our efficiency, it’s time for #DefinitelyPTE.

33 responses to “Overcoming the Hurdle of English With PTE Academic

  1. Pearson Vue has for long been an institute of repute and credibility for computer-based tests. As you have rightly pointed out the scores are accepted by all major universities, even for GMAT and for professional courses like PMP. So when it comes to English, without a doubt it should be #DefinitelyPTE. 🙂

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  2. Hi Maniparna, what an informative post. It’s great for those that are in need of passing English exams for future study. Have you taken this PTE course?
    Btw, where are you from in India? I have been a couple of times; once in 2000 and then again in 2008.
    Blessings 🙂 ❤

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    • Hi Staci, Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your views.
      Great to know you’ve visited my country. I live in Kolkata or Calcutta…it’s in the eastern part. I would like to know your experience here in India. Have you written about it? If yes, please share the link… 🙂

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      • Hi Maniparna, oh great! I was in Kolkata in 2000. I also went to Darjeeling and Pedong at that time. In 2008 my husband, son and I spent almost 3 months in Jaipur. My husband did a frontier media course there. I loved it.
        I haven’t really written about it, although that would be a great idea.
        I would love to visit India again. Who knows, maybe some day.

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  3. These are tools to empower in an age where English language is our passport to unlock opportunities and success. In the age of technology and social media, we cannot afford to stay away from learning English that opens up the unlimited vista for all of us.

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    • You nailed it, Vishal. Whatever we say about our different mother tongues or our official language, Hindi< at the end of the day, one has to be proficient in English.

      Hope you are doing fine. Sorry for the late reply… 🙂


  4. Interesting to read about the PTE Test and good to hear it is used as benchmark for different courses around the world. I’ve been lucky that I have never needed to sit entrance or skills tests and have mainly been judged on my exam results here in Australia. The kind of exam you mentioned can be a good gateway to further our dreams and a way for us to recognise what skills we have and need to improve on.

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