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With different payment apps in the market, it often becomes a tough job to choose the right and most secure one. Since payment apps often require personal financial details, it is of utmost importance to check the credibility and security nuances before installing one on your device.

Some opine that it’s not at all a wise idea to use an app as your payment gateway as it could be hacked or the information might be shared illegally. But, I think, with a natty device and a little care, one can actually make proper use of a reputed payment app.

These days, we hardly have any time to make payments through cheques, let alone physical payments. One cannot spurn the necessity of going cashless through e-payment methods. To help customers and to make things easier for them, HDFC Bank has introduced the PayzApp for making payments in a jiffy from mobile handsets. One can make payments through PayzApp by linking the credit/debit cards directly and securely along with PayzApp offers galore which enable the customer to avail decent discounts while paying bills or recharging mobile/DTH. Not only that, you can experience smooth, seamless online shopping or can send money to anyone anywhere through the app.


PayzApp is convenient, smart and secure. It has state-of-the-art encryption for inbuilt security. No data is stored on the smartphone, so, once you are logged out of the app, there is no question of harm even if the mobile is lost or falls into wrong hands. And, as per the golden rule of e-payment, the secure PIN should not be shared with others randomly.

PayzApp is the smarter and faster way to manage personal finance and banking/billing requirements. It also helps to save everywhere, from flight booking to online shopping. If you are looking for a trusted payment app, you can give it a try.

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39 responses to “PayzApp Smart Offers

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  2. Thanks for sharing the info about PaysApp. Payment apps are in vogue now post demonetization. I have Mobikwik on my phone. I had tried installing the ICICI app first but somehow there was a problem, so tried Mobikwik instead. How these app compare with each other is something we need to be aware of. Eg. the space needed, Ui, ease of payments etc. PayzApp should be robust, considering it is launched by HDFC.

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  3. I’ve recently recreated a Mint account and I love it. You can link all your accounts, it’s secure and allows you to create custom budgets. You can pay all your bills and do some basic planning. Are you familiar with Mint? If so, how would you compare it to PayzApp? Thanks!

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  4. Yes, Mani, it’s nice take on the payment apps in the market. Indeed it is critical question we keep asking to ourselves what to use and what not to use, the choice are many but the bigger question is how to choose the right one and security being the top most priority…it impends on us to be more prudent to check out the credential of the provider and get the user feedback and review before taking a decision.

    I am personal user of the HDFC Payzapp, and it is one of the finest app in the market and with the HDFC behind the scene it has to be best, they strictly follow some basics rules and they don’t compromise on user security and usability index is high.

    In fact my Company, Digital Campus we have “ParentZapp”, where in the parent can make online payment of the school fee and it is now integrated with Kotak Bank. As regard the safety of usage of apps is concerned it all depends on the Payment Gateway security and all these payment gateway providers like PayU to Paytm have PCI DSS complaints.

    Thanks for highlight the key aspects of online payment.

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    • Yes, as you have said, when a trusted bank like HDFC is behind the scene, it feels safer to use an app. I also use the app and it’s really helpful.

      The idea of introducing an app to make online payment for the parents is really innovative. I appreciate the initiative very much…wish my son’s school had something of that kind!

      Thanks very much for sharing the info and your experience using Payzapp… 🙂

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      • By the way Mani, I was there last week in Kolkata, and we have few schools in Kolkatta started using Digital Campus…right from DPS North Kolkatta to Lions School in Central Kolkatta, we are expanding our presence in Kolkatta…
        By the way which school your son is studying? May be soon you will be able to use the ParentZapp, very convenient and parents are loving it.

        I have always cherished being in Kolkatta and walking the lanes and by-lanes of central Kolkatta and giving the healthy food a break and making the most out of the street foods of Kolkatta…foodie’s delight.
        Yes I just couldn’t resist my temptation and the sweets I freaked out…once a while it is good to take things at ease.

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    • Hahaha..the street foods are really a gourmet’s delight 😀 Irresistible they are and sometimes it feels great to eat tasty brings inner peace 😀 😀

      Didn’t know these schools offer the facility of using ParentZapp. I’ll find out if the same is available with my son’s school. Thanks for letting me know, Nihar. Digitization is undoubtedly the future…

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      • I agree Mani, the problem is when I start eating these street foods and break the self imposed restriction, I go berserk and just cannot control the yummies of the Kolkatta streets…too good to be resisted…I am sure you will have the same verdict.
        If your son’s school is using you can just download from the play-store, yes digitization is inevitable only about the degree of readiness to adapt…

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  5. I’m still using cash to pay quite a few things, but more and more I’m using cards and have thought about using an app. It is so convenient just to swipe or tap and go. Also it feels safer to not carry around so much cash 😊

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