Winter #1


51 responses to “Winter #1

  1. Your poems touch the soul! Winter has a very special place in my life! My favorite season, which has a weird effect on me, causing me to dive headlong into the murky pool of nostalgia, and then force me to surface sputtering and shivering… ready for another dive!

    Beautiful poem!


  2. Winter’s grip can be harsh.. Yet the melted snow feeds those spring waterways.. bringing Life back again..
    loved your poem dear Mani..
    The Winter months often evoke tears.. But we know Winter is only transitory . Spring is to follow.. πŸ™‚
    Many thanks for your words xx


  3. In this technology driven digital age, we are so much into things that are less manual more mechanized…everything comes to us from the machine and from the factory. You ask a child a question on product they are quick in answering about the origin is from the factory and not the nature.
    Clothes have entirely become ready made and we don’t even see and go to a tailor we used to do in our childhood…the thought of our grandmother sitting on a rollicking chair facing the garden and weaving the sweater with her speck slightly slided and sitting on the tip of her nose, picture we all have stored in my memory…she is fully engrossed and knitting with mechanical accuracy…indeed it needs the focus of eye and the skill of fingers to get the pattern in place…memories of imminent winter and this poem is nostalgic.
    Thanks Mani so much for sharing such a poignant thought.


  4. Reminded of a poem that I read when my son was in class 12…’Aunt Jennifer’s tigers’ by Adrienne Rich. beautifully penned Maniparna and I can see an aged lady knitting right before me!

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