5 More Things You Should Know About Bengalis!

Nobody likes to be stereotyped. But, there are certain things which are quintessentially related to each other; like movies are to Hollywood, perfume is to France and pyramid is to Egypt, roshogollas and machher jhol (fish curry) are to Bengalis. Hold on! Bengalis have a lot more to their attribution. I did a curtain raiser post earlier and in case you missed it, find it here, 10 Things You Should Know About Bengalis.

And, here are 5 MORE things you should know about Bengalis.

The howling and lamentation of a Bengali know no bounds when she/he finds that the roadside aalur choper dokan is closed for that particular evening. If you are unaware of the trait you may think some dangerous addiction is there behind the blabbering.

• A Bengali may think thrice and use both his brain (well, he has one, of course) and cell phone calculator before paying the bills in the Coffee House, but a true bong shuts out all the reasoning and logic before emptying the purse at a bookstore.
It’s a no-brainer to figure out that we Bengalis behave in a similar manner in the fish market, machher bajaar; money seems irrelevant when weighed with Ilish, Koi, Chingri, Parshey or Tyangra! (Taka maati, maati taka, you know that, eh?)

• Bengalis are highly opinionated. For them, sitting on the fence is a sin. They firmly believe what they know is ultimate and are intransigent to succumb. If you ever dare to refute them (please, don’t even try!), be prepare to confront a violent rattling till you feel dizzy, demented and involuntarily start nodding your head in affirmation. Debating is in our genes, can’t help it.


Source: heythrop.su

• Every bong is a foodie. Sounds gross? Well, life is a journey of gastronomical divertissement for a bong.(Happy now?). It might possible that a bong can still be alive without oxygen but without bhaat (rice) machh (fish) daal (pulses) and aloobhaja (fried potatoes), it would be an unheroic, tragic death!

1-joypur mob 039-001

• Politics is every bong’s cup of tea. It’s another thing that bongs have a particular fondness and admiration for tea, (ref: ek cup cha-e aami tomaake chaai by Kabir Suman) but they have the stupendous ability to bring storm in a teacup literally. Sometimes they even go overboard with the excitement and fervour of analyzing the national and international political scenario, but you just can’t blame him for shouting his lungs out because he is an authority, you know. And, he thinks it’s a social responsibility to enlighten others with his profound knowledge in case they refuse to see eye to eye.



Last but not the least, this post is not meant to demean or insult anyone. Everything stated here is in good humour and must be taken with a half-serious attitude.

P.S. I’ll be back with more of Bengal and Bengalis. Till then, enjoy!


132 responses to “5 More Things You Should Know About Bengalis!

  1. Having many Bong friends, I have experienced all these 5 traits first hand so, I nod in complete agreement! 😄😄 Special mention to the opinionated/ debating thing. However, I have never seen a bong to be bitter about it despite considering his/her opinion as the BEST one. Always. 😝 It’s inherent and I like it because deep inside I too believe MY opinions to be the best one ( ahem-ahem) but as I lack the aggression and that fighting spirit, Bongs are my ideal here. To eat ONLY Basmati rice or not to eat Basmati rice at all, they can advocate both causes with the latest references from scientific journals depending upon which side they chose that day! I love to see them holding their fort come what may! Mean it! 😄😄😄🙋🙋🙋


  2. 3rd point ta darun bolechhish. Amra sobai bhishon boddha. Sob field ei amader anayas bicharon. Darun likhechhish, sotti bangali ra unique.


  3. Hahaha.. Having had a bengali best friend for years now, I could so relate to this post.. And that foodie part, I guess that is what made him my best friend (Lol). M so showing this post to him right away; he never really is a sport when it comes to ‘bengali’, stereotypes.. I guess that is what it’s all about..every community possesses some kind of particular traits ,which we can’t just get rid of..So why not accept them and have a little humour around??
    P.S- by the way noone can beat the ‘mishti bhashaa’ of the bengalis.. That’s so alluring to hear.. 😉
    Loved it.. Hehe.. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are right. Every community has some peculiar traits. There’s no harm accepting them and why not make a little fun at times? 😀 😀 Glad to know you’ve a good Bengali friend; I would be happy to be your friend, too 🙂

      Welcome to my blog, Sana… 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Awww..that was sweet.. I would be more than happy to be your friend.. 🙂 🙂 🙂
        Keep posting more.. And come across mine too sometimes(whenever you get time)..
        Hope to stay connected further.. 🙂


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