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memories shut up in old books
the peppery smell of torn pages
of stories that are beyond words
dreams that sleep between covers
making the past a living picture
the tryst- timeless! 


66 responses to “Nostalgia

  1. Your poem lived up to its name! 🙂

    Reminded me of those days, when I used to keep a rose flower, obtained from a temple, in the thickest of my books, usually mathematics and hoped that gods will sail me through. Pata nahi us phool ka pratap hota tha ya kuchh aur, I scratched through. By the end of the year, the rose was usually fossilized and the pages were fragrant, like those past memories. Echoing those temple bells and the blessings of pujari.

    Nostalgia is the refuge of an emotional heart, which tries to relive those bygone beautiful moments and relish them. This is the trait, which distinguishes from animals. This is the blessing, which keeps us sane and human.

    A very lovely poem, as usual!

    How you always manage to do that?

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  2. Beautiful poem! Every word of it. The picture is so striking in its impact.
    Books, like old buildings, have tales to tell. Not just the wordy tales written on the pages but unwritten memories.
    As I read your sweet poem I was reminded of the lyrics…’jis tarah toote huey phool kitaabon mein mile…’
    In fact, Indian poetry and shayari talk a lot about nostalgia and memories, often comparing life to a book…zindagi ki kitaab.

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  3. Nostalgia. Here in the US we have been celebrating Christmas — most of us, anyway. And I think so much the appeal of this holiday is nostalgia. For our childhoods. For idealized notions of times past. Thank you for this poem.

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  4. “Making the past a living picture” meant a lot to me. I do feel books show the history of places and people. This mention of a “tryst” ♡ as “timeless” did imply that affairs are always in our hearts even after they end. Very deep thoughts, Maniparna.

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      • I enjoy how your writing is layered. You show depth in only a few words, Maniparna. This takes skill and thought. I like how you understood this about memories living in our hearts and also between the pages of books. Have a special new year full of happy moments, new beginnings snd continued good connections, dear. ♡

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