Haiku: Hues

1-joypur 101

soft rustle of wind
fallen leaves holding last hues
gentle whispering


46 responses to “Haiku: Hues

  1. Indeed the power of whisper who knows more than these leaves when the breeze gently touches and make them wake and they attempt to walk away, they try and when they fail to walk away, they fall and lying low on the mother earth, they start moving once again when the same breeze passes by them…

    Lovely thoughts so inspiring to see live in the eyes of dead leaves, you only can put in such beautiful words…measured to profound meaning.

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  2. Absolutely love this haiku. It sounded as if you were describing how leaves talk to each other. Or maybe it’s the sound of leaves dancing. Or talking to the wind. Fallen leaves can be so beautiful, whether flat on the ground or jumping around with the wind 🙂

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  3. Nice haiku. where one can feel the wind in rustle of falling leaves, in ageing yellow and decaying ochre, almost reminding of Christina Rossetti’s ‘Who has seen the wind, / neither I nor you / but when the leaves hang trembling / The wind is passing through / Who has seen the wind, / neither you nor I / but when the trees bow down their heads / The wind is passing by’..


  4. Oh yes, it’s that time of year, I love hearing the swirl of leaves and see the bright colours mingling. Life doesn’t get much better than experiencing these simple things.


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