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Good health, we all know, is one of the most important ingredients for a happy and prosperous life. Nothing can be as blissful as having a healthy life. But, we often forget this by continue poisoning ourselves into stress, anxiety, tension and all sorts of irregularity. Often it doesn’t matter tuppence unless and until we fall ill.

I’m not any exception to this general rule. As long as minor pains, headaches, and fevers don’t exceed my endurance level, I usually consider myself as fit as a fiddle. Moreover, in our country, we’ve a strong penchant to neglect health issues; we believe in self-medication and by applying hit-or-miss types of medicines, unknowingly make ourselves vulnerable to even bigger crisis. Though I’m born and brought up in Kolkata, I had little knowledge of the general practitioners in Kolkata. This lack of knowledge once proved dangerous when six years back, one of my cousins,  who was in his seventh grade then, came to  spend his summer vacation with us.

It was his first visit to the City of Joy, Kolkata. Naturally, he was over-enthusiastic and being a small-town boy from the state of Arunachal Pradesh, was loving almost everything about the city. He used to play backyard cricket with the local boys and though we warned him about the scorching summer and excessive humidity of the city, he seemed to care not about any.

The poor boy, like most of us, also didn’t care to inform us about the mild fever he was having for a couple of days. Perhaps, he also feared the possibility of being barred from playing cricket once he disclosed his uneasiness. Whatever be the reasons, the effect proved to be dangerous when one evening he returned home shivering with fever; accompanied by severe headache and ruby-red eyes.

As there was nobody else in the house, I immediately took him to our nearest doctor’s chamber, but it was closed due to some reasons. I called up our family physician only to get a disappointingly engaged tone several times. I was almost at a loss and, I understood how important it was to have ample knowledge about the best doctors in Kolkata!

Finally, my husband returned from office after one hour and we took the ailing boy to a nursing home. He was immediately admitted and, his fever was detected to be a viral one. He  recuperated fast and was released after four days.

I learnt the lessons of my life from this. In a big city like Kolkata, you’ll find yourself at a loss in case of a medical emergency if you don’t know where to look up for the  best doctors in Kolkata. It is an essential thing to have a basic knowledge about the medical facilities you can get in a city. General Medicine in Kolkata is one of the most advanced facilities available in the country and, all we need is to have proper knowledge about it.


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  1. Very informative post Mani .. and yes we do take things for granted and it turns badly on us at the time of need. Its of utmost importance that we should know about ‘advanced’ medical facilities in the city we live in !
    A great job soul-sis 🙂

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      • There are good doctors, in fact I know some of them, but yes I agree that all of them are not equally compassionate to the patients . Actually it’s the attitude of the doctors towards the patients that help much to recuperate after the medicines… 🙂

        Thanks to both of you for your valuable thoughts… 🙂


  2. A few years ago, our family took a trip from Mumbai to Manali. In the midst of our second night, my 20 year old son, who has a high tolerance level, called us from his adjacent room, to say he was feeling sick. We immediately rushed to his room, to see him crouched up in pain in a foetal position, barely able to speak. He complained of severe stomach ache and loose motions. Luckily we had carried the famous “pudina hara’ tablets, but they did not seem to work. We stormed the heavens, with him barely able to walk to the loo and breaking out into perspiration. Tried calling up the hotel service for some black tea, but no response. I will never forget those few hours of sheer helplessness, with no one but the Lord above to rescue us. Somehow the night passed away and early next morning we rushed him to the local health clinic/camp run by the missionaries. On examination, we were informed it was a case of acute gastroenteritis perhaps caused by contaminated water. He was administered some medication and was soon on his feet, enabling us complete our holiday. But that night will forever remain etched in our memories.

    Your experience Maniparna, just jogged my memory, so thought I would share. Thanks.

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    • Oh! Terrible experience indeed 😦 In most hill stations drinking water is a problem and often gives rise to intestinal ailments. The one very common is hill-diarrhoea with similar symptoms as that of your son. Glad to know that you got medical assistance and he recovered. We always prefer drinking bottled mineral water whenever we visit any hill station.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us.. 🙂


  3. True Maniparna, knowledge indeed is power. With so many practitioners out there, it is hard to identify the good and the right ones.. It is good that the linked site offers some choices :).. Nice to be informed 🙂

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  4. You should also beware of docs who prescribe antibiotics at the drop of a hat. Viral fevers don’t need antibiotics, only bacterial fevers do.
    Unfortunately, indiscriminate use of antibiotics leads to drug resistance, and eventually patients need stronger and stronger family of antibiotics, with resultant escalation in side effects.

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  5. Firstly, am really sorry for nothing keeping up visiting your blog, was busy with ma here. Thats so well said Maniparna. Sometimes we take such basic things for granted that we realise it only in time of crisis.

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