Eyes of Treee


There’s a pain with every falling leaf
With every flower, a dream is lost
The agony of parting, eyes of trees.
Cloak of foliage, young and green
Leaves are souls; flowers, queen.

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74 responses to “Eyes of Treee

  1. Love those flowers. Remind me of my childhood. Frangipannier. Not a clue how it’s called in english.


  2. “There’s a pain with every falling leaf” – great line to begin. It compels the reader to delve deeper to a beautiful ending full of hope. Loved the poem!


  3. So profound.. There are great philosophies happening all around us all the time.. And you express it all so well..


  4. Hi Maniparna 🙂 I am here after many days and how nice to see your poem. It makes me realise that plants do have life… with the fast pace of life, I have forgotten about the feelings of other creatures and living things 🙂 Your poem was a pleasant read 🙂


    • Hi Vidyashree, really happy to see your after a long time. 🙂 Yes, these days, we really have a fast life..no time to stand at stare at beautiful things Nature has presented to us….

      I wish one day I can go for a l-o-n-g vacation… 😀


  5. Always your poems are subtle and beautiful, and you do manage to capture such wonderful piece of nature in your camera, as if nature was waiting be pose for your lens.

    Mind gets quickly refreshed with with your fresh thought and lovely picture…


  6. Wonderful lines. When a tree gives the world something beautiful it is because it is ready to give up something beautiful. Very nicely written 🙂


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