Creating Video With My #DellVenue

An extended weekend always makes me excited. For that means we can try to arrange a short trip to refresh ourselves, both physically and mentally. After all, the hustle and bustle of everyday life seriously demands a break, the more the merrier. So last weekend  when we managed to get an extra leave due to the occasion of our Independence day, we hardly thought twice before booking the OTDC ( Odisha Tourism Development Corporation)  hotel at Chandipur, 16 kms from Balasore.

Chandipur is one of those rare beaches where you can enjoy the wonderful ‘vanishing sea’. Yes, here the sea ‘vanishes’ during the ebb tide ! Wondering ? actually at Chandipur beach, the sea recedes upto 5 kms during the low tide. It’s a great scene to watch as the sea surges or retreats.
Surrounded by tall Casuarina trees, with some temporary shops here and there, the beach is still very much pollution free and peaceful.

My favourite camera as usual accompanied me but this time my #DellVenue 7 was one of my buddies too. It worked perfectly by the seaside and I managed to create a very short video with it. It was just an experiment with the tab. Though the video quality is not very great but as per a the range of the tab, it’s really appreciable. Do let me know your opinion about the video.

To know more of the entire #DellVenue range click HERE.

You can also check out Dell’s Facebook page or can connect with them on Twitter



13 responses to “Creating Video With My #DellVenue

  1. Chandipur Sea Beach, less traveled and little known beautiful location, some of these lesser known location are more peaceful and provides better space for us to explore within…good one!!!


  2. Good one! Has decent video quality also.. I am also thinking of buying this Dell tab.. I’ll probably go have a look at it this weekend 🙂


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