#DellVenue 7 : Gaming and Camera

I’ve discussed the general features of #DellVenue 7 Tab in my earlier post . Those who missed it can go for it HERE . As I’m using it now for  almost a month let me tell you about some interesting games that I’ve installed in this wonderful device. Yes , I play games whenever I find time . It really acts as a stress-buster for me. You can’t call me an addict but yes ,Ummm…given a chance that I need not to worry about anything on earth except my internet and wi-fi connection , I can’t promise anything. Moreover , my son loves playing games too so while he grabs my laptop I cherish these games on my Dell Tab.

Gaming Experience on  DELL Venue 7

The 7 inch IPS LCD of the Tab definitely offers better viewing angle than TFT LCD and that has made gaming a pretty cool experience. Though a 1280-800 resolution and 215 pixels per inch has made it slightly sharper than others belonging to the same category.

The first game which I downloaded was FIFA 14 . I’m a football fan and was totally smitten by the World Cup mania . It has stunning graphics and fully optimized for tablets. You can really feel the thrill of playing the game in reality . No , it’s not an exaggeration , play the game and let me know . You can easily download if from Google Play Store on clicking this link.

Next was Subway Surfers . I’ve played this on my lappy and PC and just love this. An excellent time-killer game and a real fun. Besides these , I’ve also installed Asphalt 8 : Airborne , Fruit Ninja and a lot more . Asphalt 8 : Airborne runs very well on it , never slowing down to disturb my play . The smooth screen has no fuzziness  and the display of colour is great. If you find the brightness hurting your eyes ( which it sometimes does especially when played in dark ) you can manually operate to decrease it accordingly. With a 2GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory , you can actually store as many games as you want . If you need more space for films , songs and books , there goes the option of micro SD card which this device supports to a storage of 64 GB ! Sounds great, isn’t it ?

The Dual Camera 

The front VGA camera is only effective for Skype or video chat  which I seldom do .My attraction dwells totally upon the rear camera ( 3.15 MP) .
Now I know that a 3.15 MP camera doesn’t sound promising but when I try it out to capture a cloudy sky or some glimpses of my courtyard garden , the results are surprisingly good.

I would like to share with my readers some of my photos  which I clicked with my Venue 7 Rear camera.  Let me know how you liked it. 


Kolkata Sky On a cloudy afternoon@ Gurusaday Road
Kolkata Sky On a cloudy afternoon @ Gurusaday Road
Pink rose in my courtyard garden
Pink rose in my courtyard garden
The red variant
The red variant
Isn't it beautiful ?
Isn’t it beautiful ?
I love the foliage arrangement
I love the foliage arrangement

So , this much for today . Will discuss some other features of the #DellVenue Tab in my next post. Stay tuned.

Visit the Facebook page of Dell India to know more. You can connect with them on Twitter also. 

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35 responses to “#DellVenue 7 : Gaming and Camera

  1. Hey I’m a gaming addict myself..thanks for a detailed review, this seems like the best right now for the price..thought of getting an HTC tab but heard it has bugs, so will def check this one out!


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  3. Heyy good review.. I am looking for a tab mainly for skype calling and camera.. This Dell tab looks quite good and suits my budget.. how is the battery on this?


  4. This looks cool. I think this is the first review I have read from you about an e device. It looks pretty cool. I guess right now I have a completely committed addiction to candy crush 😀 😀


  5. Wow, these picture quality are really amazing, my HCL Connect V3 has really poor camera than yours. Lucky you Maniparna 🙂

    Sorry am not commenting anything about gaming, as I hardly get any chance to play any game on tab 🙂


  6. I bet those clouds are loaded with a bountiful of Rain 🙂 Here in Pune we have been waiting for such clouds since over a month. Thankfully a few good showers have now started and we hope an impending water crisis is averted.


  7. Hello there,

    Just came across this now, cool review. Looking forward to your post on more features.

    I think the expandable memory is 32 GB, not sure though.

    How’s the camera clarity at night? I hope it has good flash to support night mode.

    And hell yeah, I also used to play FIFA 14 on my mobile 😛 Have completed all the stages from Amateur to World class.

    Thanks for sharing the review….Cheers 🙂


    • The expandable memory is 64 GB ….as the description goes..I think it varies from model to model… 🙂

      It’s just a 3.15 MP camera ..so I don’t expect much from it.. 😛 night clarity won’t be very good I think though I never tried yet…

      AND YES..nice to know about another game freak… 😀 😀


  8. First thing is that your Dell Venue Tab is real good. Second you have beautiful flowers in your garden! AND third your profile pic. is beautiful… You look breathtakingly fresh as a mint,cool as a cucumber (!) and in my fav. colour -of raw,fresh bottle gourd (Ghiya-kapoori in Hindi) … And you can guess from my phrases I am too busy in salads these days… 🙂 Loved your profile pic 🙂 Maniparna.


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