Weekly Photo Challenge : Letters

This hoarding  of Indian Army  located at an altitude of over 13,000 feet , declares the dignity and discipline of  soldiers . The hardship through which they pass , the sleepless nights , the chilling  sub-zero climate they endure with a smile……all because so that WE , the civilians , can enjoy a merry sleep.

I wish to see a world where there would be no threat of war , no question of protecting the boundary from the enemy country ….no more LoC . Let’s hope for a peaceful world . Amen .


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16 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge : Letters

  1. Salute to the ones who do not sleep so that we can sleep peacefully..
    Especially during the time when Major Mukund Varadharajan lost his life during an encounter with the terrorists in J&K.


  2. like the fact,we continue to think about our soldiers and encourage them,however somehow i feel we have been partial to them,we have other forces also.eg.Navy,IAF,BSF.which at times dont have recognition,from Indian citizens.


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