Dahlia ~ from my small courtyard garden

1-meeting 007

1-meeting 008

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26 responses to “Dahlia

  1. So pure …blushing pink.. In the firstspic the petals are like a delicate paint brush strokes….while the second… Af ull pink moon with a still sleepy star… yawning as trying to open eyes …just like my kids 🙂 loved it ,Kokila

      • Others in our household would point to all the weeds and so on. It is endless, isn’t it? Still, you can’t beat what comes out and goes straight to the kitchen or table. Or the joy of sitting in the shade and watching hummingbirds, as I reported last summer.
        I’m still envious of your big bloom, though!

      • Anita , the credit , to some extent goes to that man who pays a monthly visit to my small kingdom of flowers ….I usually take care of these plants early in the morning or in the evening 🙂

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