Know Thyself



When the evening creeps into
And, the fading daylight bends down 
To kiss the ground for one last time
That is the time we become alone
With our own shadow. 
That is the time to introspect
To gaze deep into your soul.
For when it’s dark outside
The mind becomes clear, 
That is the time to ask
“Do I know myself?”

14 responses to “Know Thyself

  1. Indeed Mani such a profound thought, everything in life happens at that cusp of change. The change from the darkness to light and from the day’s brightness to the darkness of night. The sun does its job without a blink of eye and have doing it for billions of years and the thought of that phenomena makes us wonder. We are at awe. We are such a tiny creature and our span in this universe is so minuscule just by a blink of an eye we are in and out of this planet. Soul searching is needed, why we have come here and what we are doing, every day that goes it takes a slice of our life from this beautiful planet and get so conditioned to routines of life, we forget to recognize this little wonders of world surrounding us with such vigor and vitality…your poems as always are loaded with such deep thoughts, one need to pause and reflect deep inside to get the real joy of reading and cherishing a poem. By the way a lovely picture…


  2. Beautiful write, Mani. I really like how you focused on that time of the day when it’s just a bit of day, just a bit of night – we’re alone with our own shadow and a good time to introspect, reflect. It’s that time of the day when you realise the day is changing to night and darkness nothing can stop that…and you have to turn inwards and ask yourself what’s next 🙂


  3. A wonderful poem Mani! Introspection on daily basis acquaints us with our imperfections and enhances our personality.
    Nice choice of words…’gazing into the soul’ is a journey within and a long one, all can’t undertake it willingly. I have explained it in my latest post, why knowing yourself is avoided and how it can be done.


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