Explore Aligarh, a City of Historical Landmarks


Aligarh is a famous old city in Uttar Pradesh that has evolved as a significant learning and commercial centre. Various tribes and major empires have ruled this city. Several historical events and social movements have had an impact on its cultural heritage and tradition.  Tourists can get a fascinating glimpse into Aligarh’s distinctive past in the grand forts, mosques, temples and educational centres, which act as the gates to a hidden world. Aligarh is notably famous for its lock industry. It’s also called Tala Nagri (city of locks) In 1870, Johnson & Co. established the first English lock firm in Aligarh. Now, Aligarh Locks are exported across the globe.

The travelling distance between Agra and Aligarh is 88.5 km through the Yamuna Expressway and can be covered within 1 hour 40 minutes. This journey is easy on the pocket and offers an opportunity to experience the sights and sounds of a North India countryside. Agra taxi service can be availed to refresh yourself on a rewarding road trip.


Aligarh Muslim University

Main Attractions in Aligarh:

Tourists can rent Delhi outstation Cabs to travel a distance of 140 km in 2 hours to reach Aligarh. Aligarh offers many prominent attractions for the history lovers’ delight.

History Beckons:

The Aligarh Muslim University: This landmark University one of the highly rated Anglo Muslim educational and research centre. Its marvellous architecture enthrals its visitors. Founded by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the Aligarh Movement of British India have taken place here. Kennedy Auditorium, Muslim University Riding Club, Gulistan-e-Syed, University Jama Masjid, Victoria Gate, Sir Syed Hall, Maulana Azad Library, Musa Dakri Museum are all located within its premises.

The Aligarh Fort was built in the 16th century bears a strong influence of French and India style architecture. A prominent site for the revolt of 1857 against the British, this place is a must-see for tourists interested in Indian political history.

The Syed Academy Museum, memorial building for Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. This museum is divided into galleries that have been dedicated to showcasing the life and teachings of Sir Syed Ahmed as well as traces the facts and history of Aligarh Muslim University.

The Hakim Karam Museum traces the history of science and medicine. It has an expansive display of souvenirs, manuscripts, memoirs of important physicians and Nobel Prize recipients. Sculptures from Arab, Babylonian Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilization can also be found here.

The Chacha Nehru Gyan Pushp Museum provides an interactive way to educate children through drawings, and modern scientific equipment about biological and geographical studies. Rocks, minerals, coins, stamps and gems are on display as a part of the museum collection. It has been founded in 1982 and is situated on the campus of the Three Dots School. Visiting hours: 9 am to 1 pm (excluding Wednesday).

The Ibn Sina Academy Medieval Medicine and Sciences in Dodhpur is the perfect place for historians to dig into the past for ancient inventions dating back to the 7th and 8th century. Being a charitable organization, donations to the Academy are also exempted from Income Tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.


The Jama Masjid is easily visible from all parts of the city. Built during the 18th century, this grand mosque reflects Islamic architectural influences with dome-like structure and graceful pillars.

Tourists can drive down to The Khereshwar Temple in Shivrajpur to see its exquisite carvings on this well-structured temple built by Raja Sati Prasad in memory of the queen.

The Dor Fortress is considered as a magnificent fort of ancient times where legal proceedings used to be held during the reign of the For King Buddhsen Dor.


Shekha Jheel:  If you happen to visit Aligarh during the winters then this one is a must see. Apart from the scenic beauty of the lake, you might spot hundreds of Siberian migratory birds.

Various cab services with tour packages at reasonable rates take travellers around the city. Plan your travel itinerary and select a bucket list of historical places that will enrich your experience and make your stay in Aligarh a memorable one.

Picture Courtesy:  Wikimedia Commons

48 responses to “Explore Aligarh, a City of Historical Landmarks

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  2. How interesting …… am sure Aligarh does not feature in travel bucket list for most or all. Also there are times we visit a place for a purpose but do not explore it ….. all have a story to tell, history to visit but never given a thought ….

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  3. Planning for a road-trip around Delhi this winter. Would definitely try to add Aligarh on the itinerary. This city is known for so many wrong reasons these days and your post came off refreshing and off the beaten. 🙂

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  4. Aligarh will always be synonymous with two things. Locks and Aligarh university – AMU! Interesting write-up, Maniparna. I’m sure none of travel blogger has explored it because it is not exactly a tourist city!

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  5. A very good post on Aligarh. You pulled me back by 3 decades. I have a lot of nostalgia.
    After my one year training as Probationary Officer, I was posted at Aligarh and our main branch is on Railway Road. I spent almost 5 years here in two stints from 1986 to 1993. I began my professional career from here. 🙂
    I was staying in Civil Lines, just near the Center Point. Besides the historic places, you get very tasty kababs and sweets in Aligarh. Also, along with locks, Aligarh manufactures and exports brass hardware too.
    Thanks for the post. People otherwise generally know Aligarh for all the wrong reasons.

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  6. A very informative post with necessary details specially the history which makes the places more attractive.
    Its really good to know the short distance between Agra and Aligarh, was beyond my knowledge, both the places can be explored in a single tour.

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