60 responses to “Haiku: Reflection

  1. Autumn in India has become a paradox. Such a beautiful time of the year where the rain gives way to the warmth of winter. Nature at its best after the bounty of waterfall and the vibrancy in plants is seen to be believed. We sniff a whiff of fresh air. And it is time for celebration and all major festivals take their turn to come one after the other. They queue up. It is a season of velvet and temperature gravitating towards the perfect balance where it makes the day comfortable and keep the night cozy. The freshness in nature teases us and we have our mood singing and swinging, there is joy and fun all around…the clear blue sky and lush green surrounding amplifies the aura of our surrounding. This is a very warm welcome to the new season of Autumn.

    Wishing the people of Kerala a speed recovery from the calamity, let the new season brings lots of joy for them and we all pray for their strength to fight the nature’s fury.

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    • You have summed up the beauty of autumn in a wonderful manner. Truly, it’s the season of joy and hope when most of the states celebrate some kind of festival. Though, Onam this year in Kerala with almost no pomp and show.

      Thanks for stopping by and wish you a great week ahead…. πŸ™‚

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      • I always love the way you capture the nuances of nature and nurture our senses with your beautiful choice of words, and the painting you do the scenes of unfolding seasons. It is moving and touching…You have that gifted knack…
        Thanks Mani and my pleasure.


  2. A lovely image and a wonderful interpretation of the sky against life, and life against the sky. Sometimes a sky can indeed be both clear and clouded, and look so beautiful which is what you have captured here. Life is a series of ups and downs, fun and challenges, and you so aptly described that through your haiku. Take care, Mani πŸ™‚

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