Of Birds and Rain

When it rains, the world dances in its rhythm. I can always feel it while looking out of the window. The incessant raindrops creating a wave as they lash at the windowpanes, making the scenery outside looking like an impressionist painting gone awry.

As I was on a tour a few days ago and, in the morning rain started pouring in, the pluviophile in me was compelled to take a look outside from the safe haven of the hotel balcony. The rain was drumming on the puddled ground, the leaves were gleaming in joy and, then…. I noticed the birds! They had perched silently and, to my utter surprise, they were enjoying the rain. They didn’t even try to take a refuge under a tree or among the foliage, instead, they sat their silently, savouring ethereal drops and, they grant me ample time to fetch my camera so that I could click a couple of decent pictures.

Rain is magical, isn’t it?

The birds, from top to bottom, are Green Bee-eater, Spotted Dove and Indian Magpie Robin.

1-bakkhali 148
1-bakkhali 152

1-bakkhali 150

85 responses to “Of Birds and Rain

  1. Splendid mages and write up Maniparna di …feel like writing something

    Love to feel cool breeze
    Before it rains
    He beats the thunder drums
    With lightening
    Finally clouds gets saturated
    Can’t hold the showers of blessings
    Showers of blessings falling on every one
    Trees , birds , animals
    Rejoice and dance
    And me too
    Cool showers of blessings
    Quenching the thirst of my parched mind
    It’s a moment to rejoice and celebrate
    Love the pitter patter music of rain.
    It’s time to celebrate and rejoice


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  3. You know didi,what is more mystic,is the way you have described.You have said a lot through your words,the freshness of a rainy day and the way the birds drowned themselves in the drizzles painted an imagery in my mind effortlessly.

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  4. I enjoy your words very much, Mani! Your photos of the colorful and drenched birds are simply exquisite. Rain is magical! May your beautiful outlook on life always shine, dearest friend. πŸ’πŸŒΉπŸ’¦

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  5. Beautiful bird images in the rain Mani. and yes we have missed the rain here in England so much this Summer.. One of our driest hottest on record I think.. We finally got some much needed rain for 48 hours over the weekend… I was so happy to see it back.. πŸ™‚

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      • No rain since last weekend Mani.. but keeping the bird baths topped up. Rain so refreshes everything after being humid and hot.. So can understand how those birds must have enjoyed ❀ πŸ™‚


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