Dark Hours


The world has become numb.

The human forms which roam here no more ooze blood,
Intense exasperation evaporates from the blood-red sea.
Trepidation sometimes shakes the land.
Love no more lives here.

Hallucination is what we see every day.
No dream to share,
The skeleton in our eyes asks itself
“Why are you still alive and dare to stare?”

We fail to retort upon this sincere audacity
The fire in us is pale and cold.
We need some hope to brighten up the mind
We need sane voices from the human-kind.


About the picture
Name: Twilight of Man
Artist:ย Rockwell Kent
Date 1926
Medium: Woodcut on Japanese Tissue Paper

20 responses to “Dark Hours

  1. That first line is so haunting. The world has become numb in so many ways, from being consumed with consuming technology to idolising certain figures over others leading the world backwards. So many of us go through the motions in life but it is also worth remembering that is the way to survive: go to work, work, come home, rest and repeat the next day, and so many of us live unfulfilled lives and seemingly go with the flow. That said, if we could call remember to look away from our screens and find something around us to look forward to each day, maybe our lives would be a bit more better. Lovely poem once again, Mani ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Wow! Powerful and intense Mani…your thoughts bring out the present situation of people so well! With terrific choice of words, you have sheared at the hypocrisy and blindness that has been seeping in slowly, numbing all the instincts and emotions. Hope is always lurking around dear friend but mankind has to wake up to see it… or are they waiting to be enslaved once again?
    Thanks for another masterpiece Mani.


  3. Truly…we are the only source for what we need, which is humanity. We’re like an eye that can’t see itself. Beautifully expressed, Maniparna, with an intriguing illustration to match. I’m off to learn more about the artist.


  4. Yes, the more we go on the more desensitized we become. In my country most children do not play outside they are busy with game playing their tablets, laptops etc. There are those with voices that are saying wake up and there are some that do. Thought to provoke poem Maniparna. Thanks for sharing


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