Moment of Realization

1-ddd 107

Alone and yet in a company,
I stood as the silence sang
Within me.
That long-lost stream of thought
Was reviving in its purest form.
The agony that haunted me
Became soothing,
Solace reigned again
Making me alive
In my soliloquy.
An amniotic tranquillity
Found its way, deep within.

65 responses to “Moment of Realization

  1. The first line alone speaks volumes “alone and yet in company”, silence sings when we are deep withing and reflecting the true essence of life and there are agony of life and when we sit in solitude and reflect those moments. There is a sudden surge of emotions and the thoughts if not controlled gets derailed and we need that solid anchor and family and friends have always provided that support system but when we want time for our own self we want that time for us, not with family and friend but with self and when we see a different world around us and also within us, we discover everything silently caged in some corner.
    Thanks Mani for sharing and keeping us reflecting on our hibernated thoughts.

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      • Toamr kachhe onar naam sonar porer din-e aami onar saathe twitter through contact kori r tarpor whatsapp through, uni sotty atyonto helpful, aami jokhoni kono help chai uni kore den.

        Tomake eta aagei janano uchit chhilo, i am extremely sorry for that, actually ami last koekta din heavy pressure e chhilam, kicchu mone koro na.
        Toamke onek thanks onar naam ta mention korar jonyo.

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      • আরে না…মনে করার কী আছে। পাগল নাকি 😀 আমি-ই বরং সেই সময় অনেক দেরী করে রেস্পন্স করেছি তোমাকে… 🙂

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  2. Bit of a haunting poem, Mani. It takes time to come to realisations and have that ephiphany moments. Definitely agree that it comes from deep within and beneath all our layers. Lovely shot to go along with your poetry as usual 😊

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