WP Photo Challenge, The World Around Me

It’s a wonder to watch the final cadences of winter as spring gains its strength. Mother Nature puts on her resplendent garb and with her magic wand colours up every single branch. A sorceress, she is, to transform emptiness into pulchritudinous verdancy.
At this point of the year, everything looks afresh, anew.

Showcasing a nature tour guide of my locality. All decked-up to welcome the most verbose of the seasons, spring.

1-topchanchi 2011-shanti 417-001

1-walk 0181-shanti 370

1-zoo 112

Linking the post with Debbie’s #ForgivingFriday where she talks about inspiration, positivity and the power of forgiveness. Let’s celebrate the positive power of Spring.

157 responses to “WP Photo Challenge, The World Around Me

  1. Oh, spring is a-coming where you are! Here snow is falling and the nearby lake is covered with ice. Yes, we do have sunny days, but it’s still below freezing point. The best days now are when there is no wind and the sun is shining. Then I can bring a cup of coffee out and stand by the wall of the barn where the sun is a little stronger. Then I may feel a promise of spring.

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  2. Mani, the pictures are surreal, just not about the shutterbugs but so much about the eye behind the lens, so lucky and it is all in the backyard, you have storehouse of sublime stories in its ethereal best, and it only needs your eye turn its focus and thoughts to get that mood, and only a glimpses of that brilliance of yours is placed before us here with those craftily chosen words and so deftly placed in its perfect place.

    You have been a wonderful wordsmith and here it adds to that credence and unanimously voiced all. Always I learn few new words every time I land in this wonderful land of yours intellectually enticing and creatively disruptive, and all decked for spring, it passes by but that passage reminds us of what is coming and what has left us…never easy to get placed between two powerful personalities of nature i.e. winter and summer, but spring does so with poise, grace and never pontificates it’s changing significance…
    Have a great week ahead.

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  5. Spring feels so optimistic as winter retreats and the days get longer. Minus two today but no new snow although lots on highways in the mountains. You have a wonderful vocabulary and I love the bird photos.

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  6. Lovely photos, Mani. Sounds like you are excited for Spring. Like Balroop said, this short piece is one with amazing choice of words. ‘pulchritudinous’ wonderfully used. Wishing you well 🙂

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  8. This is beautiful! You can even contribute this post for #ForgivingFridays if you want to – the rebirth of spring after the dark of winter. 🙂 Up to you. If you would like to share it, simply link to my most recent post and include #ForgivingFridays in your tags. Sending you blessings, Maniparna — awesome! Debbie

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