WP Photo Challenge, The World Around Me

It’s a wonder to watch the final cadences of winter as spring gains its strength. Mother Nature puts on her resplendent garb and with her magic wand colours up every single branch. A sorceress, she is, to transform emptiness into pulchritudinous verdancy.
At this point of the year, everything looks afresh, anew.

Showcasing a nature tour guide of my locality. All decked-up to welcome the most verbose of the seasons, spring.

1-topchanchi 2011-shanti 417-001

1-walk 0181-shanti 370

1-zoo 112

Linking the post with Debbie’s #ForgivingFriday where she talks about inspiration, positivity and the power of forgiveness. Let’s celebrate the positive power of Spring.

157 responses to “WP Photo Challenge, The World Around Me

  1. Such delight your words employ! You are getting to be an even more gifted photographer, as well. Love them all; especially the bird on the street lamp, gazing at the pink moon. Stunning, dear Mani. I shall visit again soon. ❤️

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