Exam Time Again! Some Important Tips From The Topper

Know How Dhanishta Mukesh Got AIR 1 in AILET

Dhanishta Mukesh, the topper of AILET 2017, secured All India Rank (AIR) – 1 by scoring 100 out of 150 marks. She started preparing for the exam when she was in the 11th standard and took coaching classes for the exam with the help of Career Launcherโ€™s 2- year classroom program. Dhanishta cleared her 12th from Vissanji Academy and was able to secure 91% marks.

AILET 2018 is scheduled to be held on May 06, 2018. Before applying for the exam, students are requested to check the eligibility criteria for AILET 2018. With a limited timeframe left, all the candidates must be working religiously to prepare for the exam. This article covers the preparation strategy followed by Dhanishta Mukesh that can be adopted candidates aspiring for the exam.


Preparation Strategy Shared by the Topper

Understand How to Manage Your Time

Dhanishta advised the students to prepare a timetable based on their strengths and capabilities and strictly adhere to the same. A timetable will help them to stay focus on their goal and also help them cover all key subjects in detail.

She herself followed a timetable, which included at least three sections every day. She further explained that she used to keep the least time for Mathematics, as she was good at it and instead, practised Verbal Logic as it was her weaker subject.

She further explains how she used to spend hours sitting on a single chair while studying. But now, her advice to the students is to take short breaks of 10-15 minutes to stay fresh in between.

Regular Practice and Revision

Dhanishta clarifies that their preparation will definitely reap rewards if they practice regularly. Once their theoretical concepts of Mathematics are clear, they must practice and solve as many problems as possible to excel in every chapter.

Attempt Full-Length Mock Tests:

Dhanishta explains that attempting mock tests will further give the aspirants an idea on how to manage their time while attempting the exam in reality. It also helps in building confidence and stamina of the students as they are able to get a real feel and experience of the exam. Going through previous yearsโ€™ papers and sample papers is also very important. And further aspirants should follow multiple books and online blogs for covering as much syllabus as possible.

Focus More on the General Knowledge Section

Dhanishta told that during her preparation, she focused primarily on the General Knowledge section. This section is considered to be one of the toughest sections of the entrance exam.

According to an analysis of past yearsโ€™ papers, most of the questions are from current affairs and very few are from static general knowledge. Therefore, reading a standard newspaper on a daily basis like Hindustan Times and magazines like Competition Success Review (CSR) is recommended.

Go Through Online Videos

According to the topper, watching lots of online videos relating to exam preparation can also help. She told how the videos of previous toppers inspired her and helped her aim for 1st position.

There are hundreds of videos on legal reasoning, legal aptitude and other topics. Students may search and find many such videos over the net. The speakers of such video lectures are usually top-class law faculty of our country.

Keep Faith in Yourself

The most important tip that Dhanishta shared is that students must keep faith in themselves. She mentioned that students will not be able to secure good marks if they lag self-confidence. Believing in themselves is the best thing they can do!

Keep All Options Open

Dhanishta suggests students attempt as much entrance exams as they can. She explains that she herself also appeared in five Law entrances – SET, AILET, CLAT, MH-CET and LSAT and finally topped in AILET, which is considered to be the toughest amongst them all.

She explains that though appearing in multiple exams will require the students to prepare differently for each exam, for instance, online mode (like in CLAT) versus offline mode, negative marking versus neutral marking, difficulty level, and other criteria, the students can increase their chances of getting selected in at least one exam. And in case you are selected in multiple of those, candidates have the liberty of choosing from options available to them.


So, to conclude, these were the best tips shared by Dhanishta for the aspirants going to appear for AILET 2018. You can implement these tips thoroughly in your preparation for the last few months left. These will surely assure you good marks in the exam. All the best!

13 responses to “Exam Time Again! Some Important Tips From The Topper

  1. Thanks for sharing the tips Maniparna by Dhanista on what makes students leap ahead. I am sure it will help not just students but also grown-ups like us who have a harrowing time sticking to schedule. I remember keeping a time table during 10th and 12th that worked. Today, there is no dearth of facilities, read online materials that somehow ease things up.


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