Air Pollution Masks: Need of the Hour!

Are air pollution masks for you?

If you live in a polluted city with rising levels of particulate matter, dust and poisonous gases, you should consider investing in air masks for better health.

It is an undeniable fact that air pollution has risen to uncontrolled levels in most parts of our country. The metros like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore are witnesses to high levels of air pollution every day, as are many other cities. As air pollution grows, so does the incidence of serious respiratory and bronchial illnesses.

Infants, pregnant women, young children and senior citizens are mostly at risks. They are often the first to fall prey to a host of disorders stemming from air pollution. That is not to say that others are not at risk at all. It has become the need of the hour to protect yourself and your loved ones from the ill effects of air pollution before it takes a deadly turn.

The first level of protection – air masks

It has now become a common sight in the cities to see people with scarves draped over their faces to keep out polluted air from their bodies. However, this is a rudimentary measure that does little to combat the problem. The cloth fibres may keep out large particles of smoke and dust, but fine, particulate matter can still penetrate through the fabric and enter the nasal passage. The finest matter is less than 2.5 microns in diameter and tiny enough to settle on the insides of the nasal cavity, throat and lungs. Also, the cloth can get hot and clammy when you start sweating. It also traps the carbon dioxide that you breathe out, thus forcing you to take in higher levels of carbon dioxide with each breath.

You need a good quality air mask that provides adequate protection against all the harmful elements present in the air. They keep out the minuscule matter, dust particles, noxious gases and heat by filtering the air that enters your system. Thus, you could be exposed to the highest levels of air pollution every day, but you don’t need to breathe it in!


Qualities of a Safe and Healthy Air Mask

The air mask that you use must be able to keep out at least 95% of the particulate matter present in the air sample that you breathe. It must also be sturdy enough to withstand repeated use, and easy to clean. Leading personal hygiene brands in the market today have developed air masks that keep up to 98% of particulate matter at bay. They do this by means of special filtration techniques using the filter fitted in the mask.

Second, the air mask also has a micro fan that works continuously to remove heat, moisture and carbon dioxide building up inside the mask. So not only does the mask give you cool air, it also keeps your face cool and comfortable while in use. Thus, you can wear it all day in the most polluted environment and not have to stop and take it off to clean your face or the mask.

Investing in good quality air masks for the entire family has become the need of the hour. Whether you are going to work in public transport, or walking past a busy construction site, or living in a locality rife with vehicular pollution, the air mask works round the clock to keep you safe. By filtering out all the toxic elements in the air you breathe, it ensures that every breath you take is a clean, life-giving one.

20 responses to “Air Pollution Masks: Need of the Hour!

  1. I live in Delhi, and I think most of you know the status of air pollution in Delhi. You can’t breath fresh air, never.
    This post is awesome for me. I always use air mask while on the road and this helps me to be healthy. Not fully but it helps.


  2. Wow! This takes me back to the “bad old days” of the 1960s for poor air quality around Detroit and many other American urban areas. Then, Congress passed the Clean Air Act and set nationwide standards for air quality. With rigorous enforcement, air quality soon improved. We still have local problems, but not nearly to the extent it was in the 60s and 70s. Political will is the key.


  3. With such high PPM levels in the air, masks are now becoming essential travel accessories in all our big cities. The concept of having a fan in the mask is actually cool. With leading personal hygiene brands like Dettol, one can be assured of the quality. Maniparna, thanks for sharing this useful information about how to save yourself from pollution.


  4. Yes, pollution can be scary. We have “haze” season when smoke from the open fires in Indonesia are blown over to its neighbouring countries, including Malaysia.

    Looks like this mask is an upgrade from the usual ones found here with the little fan.


  5. It does sound like pollution in metro parts of India is pretty bad, so bad that you need a mask. I remember when I lived in Singapore and Malaysia sometimes we had to wear a mask because of the haze season – and the haze in the air was so thick that without a mask, it was uncomfortable breathing, and the air stinks. I remember the masks I had weren’t that good, and made my face sweaty, lol. After a while, the front part of the mask would turn black from the pollution! In Australia here there is no need to wear a mask and we are lucky to have good air quality πŸ™‚ Such an informative article on such an important issue. Thank you so much for sharing ❀

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