A Few Quick Travel Tips While In and Around Bangalore

Popularly known as the “Garden City” or “Silicon Valley of India” – Bangalore is no doubt a paradise for all tech enthusiasts out there. But, the city has much more to offer its visitors; natural gardens, parks, museums, palaces, temples, eateries, shopping malls and some exclusive shows like the aero show which one cannot afford to miss. Bangalore also boasts of an exciting nightlife with an infinite number of pubs and clubs in and around the city.

Tradition and a popular anecdote associate the origin of the name of the city to the Hoysala king Veera Ballala II. It is said, that the king, while on a hunting expedition, lost his way in the forest, came across an old, poor lady who offered the fatigued king some boiled beans and water. Later, the grateful king named the place “benda kaal-ooru” (meaning, “the town of boiled beans” in Kannada). However, this incident has failed to garner tangible historical evidence.


Mekedatu Sangama, 93 km from Bangalore via Kanakapura

For the ones willing to go some extra miles, it is worth exploring the area around Bangalore. Apart from the usual hustle and bustle of the city,  the idyllic beauty of the surrounding places rejuvenates the mind and body. One looking to spend the day amidst the abundant beauty of nature will not be disappointed.

Places of interest

With a wonderful blend of the past and the present, Bangalore has metamorphosed into a destination which cannot be covered within a fixed time period. A perfect concoction of art, spirituality, adventure and nature has helped Bangalore to become one of the most desirable cities in India to live in or to spend a few days.

To start with the Bangalore Palace & Tipu Sultan’s Palace, they provide one a glimpse of the city’s golden past, and for the art enthusiasts, there is the National Gallery of Art. The vivid and traditional local markets like KR Market and Russell Market selling flowers to spices are a treat to the senses. Cubbon Park and the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens are house to ornamental and flowering trees both exotic and indigenous. The lakes are picturesque and, so are the religious places filled with spirituality and divinity.


Nandi Hills, 60 km from Bangalore

Be on autopilot for your entire journey

India has a pervading culture of taxis, rickshaws and cabs. But now, as technology and services have developed a lot, one obviously wants to avoid the discomfort of having a stranger driving around when they are unwinding with family or friends. Exhausted drivers are not a clan you want to deal with while soaking in the beautiful sights around the city. One would want the freedom to plan the journey without being on tenterhooks. With various service providers giving individuals the option to opt for Self drive cars or Car rentals in Bangalore, it would be a wise decision to do so. Imagine a hassle-free drive to anywhere in the city at reasonable prices. Long drives with loved ones are the best when you want to unravel from all the chaos and confusion of the city; a visit to the Rasta Cafe on Mysore Road for a “cup-o-joe” is all you need to unwind. All in all, Bangalore will surely live up to one’s expectations.

Image Credit: Diwakara Vamsi and Karthik Prabhu via Wikimedia Commons.


29 responses to “A Few Quick Travel Tips While In and Around Bangalore

  1. I have yet to see these places. I am so busy with job and home that I do not go out even for 2 day holiday during sat-sun. Great to see you having fun. Rentals are a great way to go around and out of the city.

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  3. Thanks for sharing the anecdote associated with the naming of Bangalore. Bangalore is an interesting place to visit. As you have said it offers a good mix of gardens, museums, temples and shopping centres. I think car rentals are better suited for the long drives.

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  4. I have been to Bangalore a few times but still haven’t explored the city. Most of my time at Bangalore is spent at Art of Living ‘s International Centre which is a beautiful place.

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  5. I agree with the point that sometimes we do need car rentals. Last year, my fiancé and I went to Delhi and were looking for rented cars in affordable prices so that we can enjoy the nearby places on our own. Thanks for the informative post.

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