Memories of Rain


Let me touch the drops, O Rain
Resplendent drops.

Rain-soaked memories,
Smell of the earth,
Ginger tea and cookies,
And, nicotine
On his lips…. 

Let them blossom
Let me alive


44 responses to “Memories of Rain

  1. Yes, with the rain leaving us this season and with the imminent winter taking the entry, we definitely miss the wonderful dialogue we had this year with rain. To be frank this year rain in my part of the country was scary and some time we wonder is something wrong or nature has changed its rule for playing the game with us.

    When it rains less we are deeply concerned and when it rains in excess we are worried as the floods start ravaging the low lying areas and the in city not to mention of the condition of the roads and this has been the case all across and no part of country is discriminated in this manly act helplessly looking at the Godly act.

    Lovely words Mani, weaved as always with beauty and bounty of nature, nurturing our senses.

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  2. Really beautiful! Thank you. 🙂
    Feel free to contribute a poem (or something else that moves your heart!) for Forgiving Fridays this week, if you would like to.

    Sending you blessings of joy, of peace, and of great happiness Maniparna!

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  3. Aha! This reflection is alive through every word….the monsoon, ginger chai, smoke and brings me back to the Mumbai days.

    Droplet of water,
    a splash in my cutting chai,
    hiding under the small tent,
    water piercing on my hair,
    saving my tea from the water,
    can anyone fight with blessings of nature?
    she wades past, me,
    the sensual gaze,
    as water percolates through her skin,
    as if she was a statue that no one dares to touch!

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  4. After winters, rain is my favorite season! The whiff of rain in the arid summer winds is too inviting and exhilarating! Nice poem! Brings back the feelings of monsoon, though recently we had a belly full of it in Bombay! 😀

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