Loony Moments


Every night she comes, tiptoed

Surreptitiously kissing the stars

As they shiver, wink and twinkle.

Her cloudy garb, her mysterious smile

Her face, differently radiant each day.

A drop of moon, drink it now
Satiate the thirst within, and, 
Lose your mind to gain
Sanity, eternally. 


38 responses to “Loony Moments

  1. The moon tugs me too as if i was the tide in the oceans…a sensual yet loony attraction. Enjoyed the poem. Inspired by this i just posted a poem that happened during a particularly beautiful full moon to my page. Have a look when you find time 🙂


  2. Moon, the metaphor of life…such a beautiful way to set the celestial divinity of life in perspective. I always wondered how do you manage to pluck such magical lines and thoughts that touches the true essence of love and relationships that are so vital to the existence of human life and living. Few words but each words weighed so well that it can lift us from the state of gloom and doom to hope and aspiration…therein lies the art of living our life and learning that art that takes us beyond our capability and makes us realize what we can do and how we can change the way we deal with our life.

    Wishing you Mani a lovely Diwali and yes, a safe Diwali!!!


  3. Beautiful concoction of romantic and divine love. It reflects your deep understanding of love….And the last two lines…That’s the essence. You said a lot in a few words. Kudos, Maniparna 🙂


  4. Is moon ‘she’? What a refreshing view! Your awe-inspiring poem reminded me of the classic song…”Tu mera chaand main teri Chandani…
    Most of the poets have portrayed moon as ‘he.’ 🙂

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