Meet Your Virtual Vacation Planner: TripHobo

Travelling is the easiest way to add zing to the boredom of mundane life. Be it a seaside, hill-station, a modern metropolis or just spending a day among the serenity of some lesser known place, travelling is sure to make you feel refreshed. But, in our hectic life, it often becomes a burden to do all the necessary research about a particular destination, to book hotels, air/railway tickets. A couple of months ago, we (my friends and I) were planning a trip to Vizag/ Vishakhapatnam. While doing some research about the place and the necessary bookings, I came across a site that put an end to all my travel planning woes by becoming my virtual travel guide and planner.

TripHobo is a site that not merely provides knowledge about a particular city, its attraction and other specific information on accommodation, transit, but it actually composes the whole vacation plan for you.

All I had to do was to choose my travel destination and, TripHobo suggested me an automated plan based on my travel dates. The plan looked quite convenient and affordable. It even calculated the approximate expenses. I find this feature the best. I shared the plan with my friends and, obviously, they had a few other different things in mind. We discussed it all online and, made changes accordingly. Entertaining everyone is a difficult thing but we evidently managed to chalk out a trip-plan satisfying all!

So, this uber cool tool helped us made a perfect DIY group plan. We were left with booking our stay and skip the line tickets. The group preferred an Airbnb which we could book from TripHobo itself. And just like that, we could also identify tours and their availability and booked it online.

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Things I liked about this platform in a nutshell.

Group Planning:  When we travel with friends and family, the fun and frolic just get doubled. But, problems also arise at times as different persons have different choices and opinions; and evidently, they differ. TripHobo has the option of Group Planning where you can discuss with your friends about the pros and cons of the trip real time and, edit your plan accordingly. It’s like an online tea-party for friends while discussing an upcoming trip!

Online Tours: Every city, every place has something exclusive to offer its visitors. Most of the times we plan our itineraries keeping in mind only those places which are well-known. We tend to forget or often remain unaware of those exclusive activities. This site lets you know about them.

Stay: Integrated hotel booking along with the planner. There is also an option for Airbnb rooms – staying with a family, being hosted by locals.

Trip Cost: The trending trips will let you know about the best offers worldwide. You can choose according to your budget and plan.


So, now it’s time to pack your bags. Log into TripHobo, plan your trip with a few clicks and whooshhhhhh…. there you go!


The TripHobo app is also available on Google Play and App Store.






16 responses to “Meet Your Virtual Vacation Planner: TripHobo

  1. What an awesome tool, especially since we live in such a fast paced, hectic world! I cannot wait to check them out. If you’re interested in some budget travel ideas, feel free to check out my new blog . I would really appreciate the support!


  2. It’s always nice to have travel planning options on hand, and research is always helpful when it comes to planning a memorable trip. Agree with Somali that planning a group travel takes time. Sometimes you do need some guidance for this and booking in advance helps you get into the places you want to see. A planner is important so you can keep track of what you have planned so far, and also give you the reassurance that bookings are in place and you can think about other important things like packing and what to bring 😀


  3. I agree, Maniparna that while planning a group travel, it takes a lot of time and discussons to accomodate individual preferences/ choices. A comprehensive platform that helps to plan group travel, suggests local attractions, accomodation and also calculates expenses is always a welcome option.

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