An Unwanted Incident and Hotel Booking

“Do you’ve any idea how much I had to suffer due to the irresponsibility on their part?” Sushma said with an aggrieved voice as she took a sip of her favourite Earl Grey tea.  A vast stretch of the sky was visible from the balcony at the backside of the house where we were seated, two big mango trees were caressing the cerulean sky.  Sushma sighed heavily again looking up.

Sushma is my school friend. She is an IT professional and recently has switched to another company for a better career. Apart from all the hike and related good stuff, she has to travel a lot from the beginning. As her daughter is just a year old, she always tries to make the tours short yet effective from the viewpoint of the company. Last week, she had to fly to Bangalore (Bengaluru) for a couple of days. There rises the moot point of this topic.

The company arranged for her flight and accommodation as per the rule. Though she had to report to the office in Whitefield, Bengaluru, they arranged for her stay at a luxurious guest house which was far away. It happened that Sushma had only three hours left with her to reach Kempegowda,  Bangalore Airport after she was done at the company’s office in Whitefield. She had to return to the guest house to pick up her belongings and, on her way to the airport, serpentine traffic made the things worse for her. She missed her flight!

“I had to wait five hours at the airport before they could arrange my ticket again in the next available flight. Had they made the staying arrangement somewhere in Whitefield itself, I didn’t have to go through all this!” snarled she.

“Why didn’t you book a hotel yourself and later pass on the bill? It’s a convenient way to avoid such disastrous incident.” I suggested.

“Well”, she said timidly, “I’m not particularly nifty on this matter. When you’re staying alone, you’ve to keep in mind a lot of things…so I usually leave the matter to the company”.

“Now, don’t fish out such lame excuses, Sushma. There is a good number of world-class hotels in a metro city like Bengaluru where you can stay comfortably without any worries. I can tell you at least one name I trust, right now. “

“And, what is that?” she asked.

“The Aloft Hotel in Whitefield,  Bangalore is one of its kind. Located at a favourable distance from both the airport and the railway station, it has all the amenities of a star hotel and much more. Being a part of Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Aloft Hotel offers the best service which doesn’t even cost you an arm and a leg.”

“The interior of this contemporary hotel is tastefully done. There is a kaleidoscopic effect in the interior decoration of the hotel as they use a plethora of colours, but they blend perfectly to produce a soothing effect without making it ‘loud’. The ergonomic design of the chairs will make you feel relaxed. In short, it’s a comfortable stay at an affordable price.”

After regaling her on the matter, I showed some pictures available on the website of the hotel. She was overjoyed on spotting a scrabble board in one of them. She vouched that she never had seen a scrabble board in her long history of staying in quality hotels.


Sometimes, small pleasures and tiny details matter a lot, especially in the service industry. Isn’t it?



31 responses to “An Unwanted Incident and Hotel Booking

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  2. How I agree with the point you made. A little thought goes a long way to make the journey comfortable – that is the prime responsibility of any person handling the bookings. A hotel in the vicinity of airport and station is a good find indeed.


  3. You’ve such a unique ability that I’m really not able to distinguish whether it’s a fictional post or ur real life experience. The way you mix up things is quite good. Keep it up.


  4. Bangalore and Traffic are siblings and you just cannot separate them. I have stayed in Bangalore and have made many travel from the city to the airport, and it is crazy and many times it is god grace just managed to reach the finishing line just in time. O yes, I love scramble and these little things in hotel matters a lot and in the hustle and bustle of today’s lifestyle, hoteliers also miss out on those small details and aspects which can make a big difference…luxury is not always in money, it is in the passion and compassion showered by the people managing the hotel.


  5. Bangalore traffic! The 15 days I stayed there, I praised Kochi every single day. Nice way of writing a promotional post Mani. I will keep this technique in mind for future reference. Thanks to you. And true enough, I have never heard of a scrabble board in a quality hotel. Nice touch there by the management. 😀


  6. Very well written. Sounds like an advertisement. In yesteryears there was a brand of oil named kuntalin. Different writers wrote stories which culminated to the promotion of the brand. Your’s is a sort of that.


  7. When you go to a new place for work, sometimes you just don’t know the surrounds very well. It can take time to choose a good place to stay. But as you said and with your example of Aloft Hotel, there are other options out there and a bit of research never hurts. When I travel be it for work or leisure, I like to arrange my accommodation myself because then I’d get a better feel of where will be and what to expect.

    Traffic is always so unpredictable and sometimes it just takes one lane closure or just a lot of cars to slow down the road. Sometimes traffic is hard to avoid even when you leave early.


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